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Sunday, 19 August 2018

One thing I find really hard and always have really is switching myself off from the internet when I seriously need some time off. Since first starting blogging I saw it as a career I wanted to take seriously and treat almost like a business, so it really strikes defeat and fear into me when I become a little vacant from it. I feel like it's been weeks since I put myself fully into a post and whilst yeah I love the posts I have been publishing, I've just felt like they've not been 100% like my posts used to be. 

Up until this year I always had time for blogging, I'd have constant motivation to shoot outfit photographs and I would never find myself stumped over what to write. This year's been hard. I never know what to write and if I'm honest life's been really complicated and I don't want to sound like a broken record writing about the same thing just because it's relevant. I do have goals for my blog and a direction I wanna see it go in, so after taking some time away to collect myself and nail down what I actually want to share with you guys, I'm excited to start getting back into making content! 

I've always been that person to run my brain completely dry and then instead of taking some time for myself I just break a little. This way it's super hard to pick myself back up again and get back on track, so for once I had to put my beloved projects like my blog on hold because I really need some me time. I don't just mean a pamper session in the bath and I'm right as rain. I needed to speak to people close to me about my life and what I want to do, sort my house out for a fresh mind, deal with the problems I have and just look after myself a little more. 

A big problem I've been having lately is the lack of motivation which rarely happens for me. I've just been stressing out about so many things my blog had to become my last priority and that doesn't sit well with me. I love the work I put into this platform and I hate to see it just collecting dust, even if you guys are still visiting I just don't think it's fair for you to be giving me your time when I'm not putting my full efforts in. I look back on last year when I was juggling a job which in fact I worked more hours in than I do now, for some reason I had my schedule down tight where as recently I just can't catch the right wave to surf. I used to love writing lots of different styles of content, home, film, even the odd foodie post which was so enjoyable to share with you guys! So I look at my blog now and I constantly think 'where has that passion gone?'. I love how my blogs taken a stronger turn down the road of fashion, but I miss those fun posts that I actually loved to write and I definitely need to dive more into lifestyle I think to keep Heartshapedbones still floating. 

I've desperately needed a break away from being attached to my laptop, here are some ways I've been giving my brain and body a rest:

giving myself over to yoga
A big thing I started this year was working on my fitness, something I've always wanted to make more space for but never had the motivation. I started running and I've downloaded an app called 'couch to 5k' so hopefully that helps me to get to where I want with the progress in myself! I also started a yoga challenge on youtube which has helped so much as someone whos never done yoga. I feel so relaxed doing it in the morning and it sets me up with a clear mind.

fixing my life schedule morning to night
I've somehow fallen into an unhealthy schedule of just not letting my body switch off before I go to bed, making getting up incredibly hard. I get up at 6:30am every day and sometimes its a struggle, so to help me more I've been setting myself set times to do things. I shut off completely all screens at 10pm, I go to bed and either read for an hour to wind down or go to bed. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, I put it down and go to bed. 

being social 
I think this has infact made the most impact on my mental health because I've just been trying to make myself more 'in the moment' or at least present. I found that sometimes I'll shut myself away to do work and miss out on so much, so I thought it would be healthy to spend more time saying yes and actually getting myself out there. I see my friends more regularly, I travel to places I normally would shy away from due to my anxiety and I also got a house mate! One of my best friends decided to move in with me and spending time with someone even if it's just to lazy on the sofa watching films is fantastic. It's released some of the stress of working myself too much because I can have someone supporting the decision to take a break when I forget to. 

working on my living space 
Since moving into my own home back in February I've had lots of ideas of how I want my home to look, so I finally thought I'd take some time to give some rooms a little tlc. I decided to paint some of the walls in my livingroom a really nice cool toned royal blue, something I've been seeing on pinterest so much with white framed pictures on them! I also put together a little gallery wall in my bedroom and I love how it looks, it's definitely giving my room more of my personality because otherwise I just have a lot of pink pillows and a princess bed. With my new house mate we decided to tidy things up a bit, get rid of some of the clutter that was mine so he could make space for his own stuff.

focusing on just one aspect at a time
I've only come to this conclusion from analyzing my own actions, but I'm constantly trying to juggle alot of projects at once and it doesn't get me far with any of them. I'm constantly only completing little things here and there, so I've decided with better organisation I need to start focusing on just one thing at a time. Blogging? take a full morning or night. Art day? Spending time with someone? Don't be stressing about everything I need to do. Give that it's own time to be worried about. I've been putting in alot more effort with my instagram and even taking outfit shots just for it instead of also doing a whole blog post for them! It's been a little more eye opening to other ways of blogging to me, but also its really helped my platform grow.

opening myself up more to allow new things in
Ok so I started dating again. It went terribly. I found when talking to new people I was always a lot more busier than they were and it's because I've just been adding more and more things to do in my day because it's the first time I've actually been on my own. If I keep myself busy I forget about the shit that went on this year for me, but I've got to a point where yeah, finding someone would be nice. Internet dating is a huge con, it's never worked for me and it's proven once again to have let me down. I met a couple of dishonest and just non respectful people, so I gave up and actually it was the best thing I could of done. My mum has always said when you stop looking for something it comes along and thats exactly whats happened. 

getting inspired again 
Instead of producing content that's not had my full heart I wanted to just fill myself with things I love to get inspired again. Movies, reading, pinterest, looking constantly at others art and finding new medias that I'd love to try and learn. I love the learning process of anything, so I thought this was going to be a huge process to get myself back into things. I bought some film for my SLR camera which I haven't done in atleast 3 years and went on walks, took snaps of friends and it felt really good to just not be obsessively editing and taking photos just for my blog. 

I finally feel more refreshed and for once I don't feel bad taking a small break away from my blog. I don't think I could ever just stop blogging, I love the creative release it gives me and I'm so thankful to you guys for liking the style of content I bring. Take a break, it'll do your little noggin' wonders.

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Until next time guys,

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  1. Awwwe. This was such a nice read. Hope you'll be able to achieve all your goals and good luck! :) <3

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit


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