Friday, 14 September 2018

Here in the UK the weather has gone from glorious sunshine to grey skies and rain that can only mean the cool down of autumn...but it also means that those cute crispy candids are going to have to wait till later on this month! I always find it hard to transition my blog from summer fashion to autumn, even though I'm dying to create content because it's my favourite season of the year. I love layering, boots, jumpers! I'm ready to show you guys my current personal style but the weather just doesn't want to play fair. 

It feels like those rainy days at little school where you'd all go into the wet area or stay indoors and paint, so in true 'staying in doors' fashion I wanted to share with you guys a lifestyle post instead! I love to read blog posts on peoples favourites - what they've been getting up to, eating, watching! 

I am a huge film/tv series sponger - so with the crappy weather has come a lot of lazy days where I've managed to treat my brain to some switching off time. I've also always been one of those people who can pay attention to a program whilst doing work at the same time, so I've definitely been going through a bunch of programs. Whilst my house mate went off to Leeds fest last month I decided to watch the new season of Orange is the new black whilst I had the tv to did not disappoint! I loved the new change of scenery and new characters, but the twists and endings definitely had me feeling shook. I can't believe how a lot of events resulted and I cried just a little bit too. I always suggest this program to people because it has such a good mixture of comedy but realities that are good life lessons. 
Gotham is a new one with me - I heard that they've just put a new season on Netflix thats been approved by a lot of friends I have that I rely on for film opinions. I love the casting! 
I haven't been to the cinema in months but I went twice recently! Ant man 2 is a really good lead on from the marvel universe and the end scene really did have my eyes bulging from my head! What I love about the collect of films is they appeal to everyone, you can take a child, parents or date and it makes a good watch! I also went to see Festival which I think was a random chose, but I loved it so much! It reminded me a lot of those Inbetweeners vibes us brits miss. 

Another platform of entertainment is of course youtube, so here is a small list of channels I've been obsessive over recently -

Sarah Hawkinson
Meg Morris
Jade The Libra
Treacle Tatts
Kiera Rose

I am a huge lover of true crime and if I'm not reading a little crime novel I'll be listening to podcasts! Since falling in love with Serial many years ago I've been on the hunt to find series which are similar. I love My favourite murder and I've actually caught up to real time so it's incredibly weird having to wait a week for a new episode! Now I've finished a podcast with a huge chunk of content to listen to, I started another called Up and vanished which pretty much took over my life in August. I finished that too and just wow. It's pretty much about solving a disappearance of a girl after 10 years, but the big twist is the podcast actually helps in the case to finding the killer! 

I really love it when bloggers share their playlists in a blog post, so I thought a new thing I'd love to do with these favourite types posts is tell you what I've been listening to! 

Kendrick Lamar - Love
Benny Blanco & Halsey - Eastside 
Lil Xan - Betrayed 
Bring Me The Horizon - Mantra
Seafarer - Drown 
Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta 
The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues
Billie Eilish - Bitches Broken Hearts
Holding Absence - Penance 
Halsey - Strangers

Earlier this year I had very little faith in social media platforms such as instagram - there was never anything positive to say on content and it truly felt like blogging was dying. After taking some time away for myself and also sitting back to just evaluate what I wanted from working on the internet, I think I've actually found my niche! You guys have been loving my styling content and videos I've put on instagram and I've seen an insane amount of growth from it! I've always loved to put together outfits as you see here on Heartshapedbones, but dressing things up a number of different ways never entered my mind. I've been having so much fun with the content I've been creating for over a month now and I'm so excited to dive more into autumn fashion!

I've been spending some time this month away from home and being back in a city has made me realise just how much I miss that slight culture of being busy. I've done so much this month already than I've done pretty much all summer, so I definitely can feel my motivation and inspiration coming back for blogging. 


Lastly I just wanted to include some blogs I bloody love ~

Meg over @ mysticmogwai
Kim over @ sisterofthemoon 
Alice over @ alicecatherine 
Jess over @ Iamfoxxtailz 
Robyn over @ midnightandlace 
Vix over @ vixmeldrew 
Luanna over @ Lehappy 

Until next time guys,

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  1. I'm obsessed with Gotham! It's one of my favourite shows at the moment.

  2. awesome post! i just subbed to all the YT channels so i can check them out during the week. and im going to go and follow all the blogs too bc its good to broaden the content i read :D

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  4. Your eye-makeup, lipstick and hairstyle all look beautiful, and I love the look of your vintage Harley Davidson graphic T-shirt-dress styled with the choker and fishnet socks.
    You are beautiful, and look very pretty in all of these outfit photos.
    On the subject of crime shows, have you seen Marcella on NetFlixUK (starring Victoria Broom)? They just dropped a second season on Nov. 9th (2019).
    I love all of your posts on this blog. I haven't done any blog posts in a while either.
    I also love watching your HeartShapedBones' Channel YouTube videos
    I miss seeing and reading your Tweets on Twitter - (the Twitter link @JesGutteridge isn't working) ;(
    It was sweet of you to include links to seven of the blogs you love.
    Hugs and best wishes xx <3

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