12 weeks in lockdown & what I’m doing about it

27 May 2020

Before I kick off this post I just wanted to share with you guys how much I blooming love lounge sets! As a late teenager/early adult I thought I was too cool for the lazy look, but honestly it’s all that fits me right now (cue the gifs of Regina George). I’ve worked for years now with Femmeluxe and they’ve kindly sent me some lounge sets* to try, and share with you guys. You can’t go wrong with sticking to easy colours - black, grey, or some soft beige colour. I value comfort over anything at the moment with an ever growing stomach, so these we’re a gods send. 

Hello! I’ve been in lockdown for nearly three months now and I don’t know how I’m mentally and physically still standing. I am constantly reminding myself how lucky I am, I’m shacked up with my amazing boyfriend who has definitely kept me sane. We have our loving pooch who entertains us immensely with her silliness, and I’ve managed to stock up on books to keep my mental game strong. We have a lot to think about whether it’s baby who’s due in four months, how the hell we’re going to make money with jobs being on hold, or the bits of DIY we want to do around the house. We’ve managed to keep ourselves very occupied, but let me tell you there have been days where I haven’t even wanted to get out of bed! It was only this week that I demanded I was to be left in bed all day with Disney+, to only get out of bed at 2pm, freshen up and wander outside to soak up the sun instead with Maxwell. God knows how I came around, I honestly felt like I was stuck to bed and that was where I was doomed to stay forever. I have a lot of hormone changes happening with baby, so to be stuck in our house, mentally being challenged by lots of things can be difficult at times. 


When we first went into lockdown, there was no doubt in my mind that we would be still there in May. I expected it fully, but to be actually at that point three months later...every day has felt like a life time. We have that serious ‘what day even is it’ feeling, and sometimes we both just look at each other till someone checks their phone for the date. I’ll see people start to put out their bins and only know that way that it must be Friday evening. It’s hard! Some days I feel completely at a lose of what to do, or waves of productivity fall upon me but last that day alone. I’ve tried separating all my jobs/things I want to do for that one day, stopping me from picking up 100000 things in an hour to try and accomplish. 

Unfortunately I can’t offer any wisdom on things to do that are going to keep you from going insane, but I can share what we have been doing and what’s been working for myself! Everyone’s different and everyone has their unique interests and hobbies. What I do want to say is do try to remain positive and see this time as help to give you and your body what it needs. If you a well deserved rest do it! If you’ve wanted to pick up a hobby or had a cool business idea, maybe now s the perfect time to try it out! 


Things I’ve been doing this lockdown:

  • Completing all those house DIYs. I’m fortunately that we live in a house which we can decorate to our hearts content, so we’ve taken lockdown as the right time to complete all the bits we need to do! With baby G on the way and due in 4 months, we’ve decided to get it all done well before that day is near. Putting together ideas for the nursery has been my big thing, but we also swapped the office space up into the attic which needed a huge clear and clean. It has been hard to get supplies, but ordering from Amazon is always easy and we hired someone to come take away all the rubbish outside (the tips were closed). We want to refresh the paint in the house so that’s our next big task! 

  • Start some new creative adventures. If you didn’t know already I run an art print online store, where I also sell bits of decor, etc. This is my source of income and business has been very kind to me this year! It’s had me very busy, but I also wanted to open myself up to trying out a new idea that I’ve wanted to for some time now. Candles! I’ve opened an etsy shop called Burnt Yorkshire and I’ve been playing with making candles, melts and candle shapes from clay. It’s been so fun but is also a long process to get the best results. 

  • Cracking on with my reading list. Reading has always relaxed me, so when I need some me time to fully chill I just dive into a new novel. I’ve ordered a bunch from Amazon so I’m fully stocked up! Reading is a good way to remove yourself from feeling like you’re trapped in your house sometimes. I read in the garden, bath, curled up on the sofa and in bed! All good relaxing spots. 

  • Disney+. Maxwell and I are big tv series bingers - doesn't matter the genre (even though of course I make him watch all the murder mysteries on BBC) we'll watch it quick time. I bought Disney+ right at the beginning of lock down, and it's kept me feeling good with our favourite childhood films but also lots of The Simpsons! I think the first thing I watched was the princesses diaries, which I hadn't seen in forever! It's definitely worth the small subscription a month!

  • Drawing, drawing, drawing. With having my own art print store, I obviously need to create things to sell! When I worked full time also this was always time I scrambled to find, so it's been nice to curl up on the sofa and spend a full day drawing. I love it! I draw a lot on my iPad pro and I've even started to make sticker packs. It's just felt lovely having no worries or no place to be, so I can just crack on with getting some art pieces done.

  • Enjoying my pregnancy to the full. I miss my family dearly, but at thsame time it's really nice to be in the house every day, rubbing my tummy and loving being pregnant. We've currently made a spreadsheet to document babies movements and its the funnest activity for me! I would love to be able to share the pregnancy with my Mum in person, go shopping for baby clothes, etc, but we’re not social distancing for a laugh. I’m sure at some point I’ll see my family again, but for now I can be in my happy bubble of watching one born every minute and reading baby books!


I’m sure there have been plenty other things that I’ve been doing, but these are just a few things that stick out to me! I’m keeping occupied, but if I want a lazy day of pure tv bing I can. 

Until next time, J x

All lounge wear sets were sent to me in exchange for a blog post & share on my instagram! I am always transparent and honest - the lounge sets are comfortable and modern! Sizing can be a little off but hey, I am pregnant and bigger in places I wasn’t before! 

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