A new chapter of Heartshapedbones

12 May 2020

Hello! I'll be honest, I struggled coming up with a title for this post. I really wanted to make a joke of my absence, or call it 'new pandemic, new me' but I don't find anything comical in the world we're in today. It's been over two months of being confined to my house, whilst also being pregnant...but we'll come back to that! I can say hand on heart that I am very lucky. Yes, it SUCKS not seeing family, being isolated in a time when I should be celebrating the new stage of my life, but it doesn't suck if I can stay in, stay safe and save lives. I'm healthy, close ones to me are healthy and I am stricken for anyone who can't say the same. I'll no doubt write more posts about COVID, but for now lets stick to the resurrection of the blog shall we!

It’s been close to two years since I published anything and thank you to anyone who still visits my blog. I wont lie, I expected to open up my analytics and see that everything had gone stale when I just dumped blogging. But it hasn’t! You guys for nearly two years have still been visiting my blog, commenting, loving the looks I had created in the past and other things I wrote about. Looking back, I’ve been writing on this blog since I was at university nearly six years ago now, so obviously I was a very different person to the one I am today. I remember wanting to write about everything and anything - a meal I’d ate, films I watched, a new bag I’d purchased. It was fun and let me have a creative outlet with my writing! I loved it. 
I’ve really been missing that feeling as of late, so after logging back on to Heartshapedbones and seeing that in fact it was still an active little corner of the internet, I wanted to kick start it all back up. 

I am in a completely different place in my life. Different location, different occupation, different life, different me and most of all different interests. I’m twenty six, working from home with my art (yeah if you’re a long time blog follower you’ll be happy to know my art print business is still a thing and is going amazing) and I’m currently twenty weeks pregnant! I’m very far from the girl I was when I last wrote a blog post, so hopefully you’re all excited to read new posts and see how different things have changed. 

(We also rescues a pooch who is our baby angel, so there might even be some doggie adoption posts in here yay).

Some of you might be thinking ‘why did Heartshapedbones just stop?’ And to be straight to the point, I just got incredibly bored. I got busy with work, I started to dislike a lot of things in my life and sadly that included writing on the internet. My instagram blew up a little going from 6k to now 30k followers and I found creating content like styling videos a lot more creatively satisfying than writing about the fashion itself. I also thought the blogging world was dying a little, which I hope doesn’t offend anyone who has a blog or continued when I stopped. I just wasn’t inspired by anything and I do think a good year and a bit off from blogging was what I really needed. 
I had a wobbly end to 2018, but met Max my partner in the new year and quite frank he’s changed my life. I honestly consider him my rock for helping me figure out a lot of things about myself, especially what I want in life and help me achieve those things. In 2019 I left my job as an editor/photographer/social media&online assistant and moved to Leeds, got a little part time job which let grow my own business Witchcrafts further and we started to adopt our rescue dog Nessa. We went abroad, I went to three festivals (which was bloody amazing) and I just love the amount of adventures we had that year. It makes me incredibly excited to turn out two into a three when baby arrives, more adventures just an extra person to add to the excitement! Even 2020 was incredibly eventful until the lock down, but it continues to be life changing to me with the growing baby inside my tum!

So what do I want to write about now? I still love fashion and want to create fashion related content, it just might not be what you were used to on this blog. My style has developed, but I’m going to keep a lot over on my Instagram because that’s where I enjoy uploading the snaps. I might upload some styling posts, advise on some things that pop up regularly in my messages from followers and generally give my two cents on things. 
What I’m really excited to do is turn this platform into my mind journal - talk about more things I have an opinion on that might matter. I want to talk about my lifestyle, my new baby on it’s way, how I’m feeling as a pregnant women, whilst also dishing about books I’ve read, podcasts I’m obsessed with and even the odd travel piece. I just feel almost like Heartshapedbones has grown up. I’m not hanging with friends 5 days in the pub, spending my money weekly on ASOS and having no responsibilities apart from my rent. I have a loving, caring boyfriend who I’m building a family with, I read book after book, spend my weekends more productively but also as if they’re an adventure. My priorities are different and I think you’ll love the difference in content that will be coming from me now. 
I still buy makeup, still sponge tv series and get obsessed with the latest trends! I just have a lot more to offer on my blog that the posts I was producing time ago. 

Even though I have decided to pick up my blog when the world is experience a pandemic, I hope it doesn’t stop me from documenting with you my adventures on things. Motherhood is obviously going to be such a large part of my new chapter, it’s going to be my entire life soon enough and I hope you’re here for content like that. Currently we’re staying at home to stay safe and it gives me the sweats thinking of how long we’ll have to be doing this for. I want to keep hope and encourage it for everyone - it will end, when it’s safe we’ll be back on the roads, back shopping, eating, etc. When the times right we’ll all leave our houses and normality will commence once more. I’m excited for when that day comes, but I’m also excited to share with you all things that are happening right now. We’re getting by with the lock down, but for me it means I cant see my family who live almost an hour away, all of Maxes work has been cancelled for the year! So I think there’s a lot of things I can say about how we’re handling the lock down you might find interesting or even helpful.

I knew this post would be a long one but I think Ill wrap it up here! I’m excited to share more with you all, whether it’s about the weird craving in Lidl I had for pickles or the latest book I just picked up! 

Until next time, Jessica x

Oh and here’s a photo of the beautiful gal herself: Nessa - 

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