24 May 2020

Hello folks! At the beginning of this year I made it my mission to stack up on books and fall back in love with a hobby I’ve had since being a child. I love to read and far gone were the days where I could smash a book out in a weekend. I never had time last year, despite all the commuting I did! It was just never the right time to whack out a book and fall into a different world, either my trains to work were too early or I was exhausted from the day travelling back. It also only took me twenty minutes on the actual train to get home, so by the time I’d got anywhere I’d only read a chapter. For me if it takes too long to read a book I lose interest! So for 2020 I decided I wanted to read more, and so far I’ve read 15 books in 4 months! I’m really happy because making time to read has allowed me to relax so much, even if it’s for an hour to two a day or one long night of finishing a novel. 

I have been doing mini book reviews over on my Instagram, documenting it all in a highlight which you can find here

A type of blog post I love to read is book reviews, not only because it helps find books to add to my reading list but I’m always generally interested in what others think of the novels! A friend and I regularly swap books and I’m always eager to see what she thought of the book. So, with that in mind I wanted to round up some of the books I’ve been reading each month and share with you guys what I thought, without spoiling too much and giving none of the big secrets away.

Those People - by Louise Candlish
2019 - Thriller/Fiction

I honestly could not put this book down and probably finished it with a weekend.
The book sets out the scene from a London street, each chapter from one of the neighbours perspective, as the story unfolds of the worst nightmare neighbours moving in. The book builds up to an accident, making everyone on the street suspects! There is of course a twist at the end as you think one thing is solved and another opens up, which I do love in a novel. 
I honestly felt like every time you thought you’d sussed out what was going on, the author would then turn your head to another neighbour, or add in another branch of the plot that would keep you guessing to the last chapter. As someone who is a massive true crime fanatic, this was an interesting book because it wasn’t my usual ‘there’s been a murder/who dun’ it?!’ Book that I always find myself adding to my basket. 

5/5 for me.

My Lovely Wife - by Samantha Downing
2019 - Crime, Thriller & Mystery/Fiction

I actually found this book when I was just browsing the book section in Tesco! Probably the best way I find books (before lock down) there’s always the ‘best sellers’ section or ‘books like this’ which catch my eye.
I didn’t realise that this was a gone girl type of situation, right until the author wanted me as a reader to! Fantastic writing, My Lovely Wife is about *Spoiler* a couple who find, stalk and kill. You so casually read about a married couple and their love for killing, that you sit back and think ‘why don’t I immediately hate these people? Why am I so weirdly fascinated by what the hell is going on?’. The book reads from the perspective of the husband, which is why I would compare it to gone girl if you’ve ever read or watched it. 
I thought this was a completely different take on a murder thriller, the story really strong and different from any book I’ve read.

4/5 from me.

In search of the Rainbows end - by Colin Caffell
2020 - True Crime/Non Fiction

*The true story behind the New ITV drama White House Farm*
Now I haven’t watched the tv drama for myself and I actually hadn’t heard of this case before! When watching This morning, Holly and Phil interviewed Colin about his new novel and after hearing from the author I felt compelled to read before I watched the series.
I loved this novel, purely because it’s a non fiction which really sat with me differently than reading a made up murder case.
Colin was the ex husband of one of the victims of White House farm, the book touches on the murders, the case and what its actually like to be investigated by the police. What I loved most though was how I mean it when I say touches on, because this novel is more about the real grief and loss for Colin and how he over came that. It was fascinating to read from a family members perspective of the loss and tragedy, not from some producers view when creating a tv show but from a real life person who lost real life people. 
I did however feel like the novel became repetitive, some chapters towards the end seemed unnecessary as he’d already written about them and didn’t need to elaborate further. I did find myself wanting to just hurry and finish the book because of that. 

4/5 for me.

Come Back For Me - by Heidi Perks
2020 - Crime, Thriller & Mystery/Fiction

The book describes there being a DEADLY DISCOVERY and AN ISLAND WRAPPED IN SECRETS, which honestly I thought hyped up the drama more than there really was. 
Come back to me is about a women discovering that a body has been found in her childhood back garden, the news shaking up unanswered questions about why her family suddenly left the island they were living on. When Stella our main character returns to the island, no one wants to answer questions but it just reads as her wandering around, poking her nose for information from people who only remember as a small child. She finds the answers she’s looking for, the murder is solved and then she just seems to go back to her original life. 
Overall I thought it was a easy read, more of a mystery than a shocking thriller.

3/4 for me.

So far into May I’ve already read two books, and you’ll love them both! Featuring an actual non fiction NON murder mystery. Who’d of ever thought I’d pick up such a book. 

Feel free to message me on any social media’s or comment below on the books, I love a good chat about them. 

Until next time, J x

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