How we regularly change things up in the Bedroom

31 May 2020

Hi friends, hope you’re having a fine Sunday in lock down! It feels strange considering content like travel, outdoor fashion, festivals when I won’t be doing those any time in the near future. The idea of returning to a world this summer where we’re all shopping, going to restaurants, etc, terrifies me, to a point where I’ll consider self isolation for a while longer. We only pop to the shops for food and to walk the dog once a day, both in quiet environments so we’ve been extra cautious so far. With being pregnant I think it has added an extra layer of panic to our situation, but a stress free mummy is a stress free baby, is I’m keeping calm! Anyway, seeing as we’ve all been spending a lot more time in our homes, I wanted to talk about my love for home decor! I love home blogs, Instagram accounts (you can check ours out here) and luckily I’ve met a man who has a similar interest. Maxwell actually redecorated his bedroom just to impress me when we first met, talk about dedicated to the cause. 

We’re currently redecorating the house ready for baby in September, but one room we’ve added to and worked on over the year most is our bedroom. From ripping shelves out, carpets, re doing walls, to new bed frames, wardrobes, decor - the bedroom has had the lot. Seeing as we all have bedrooms (I presume) I thought I could offer some tips on how to refresh/revamp up your room, if you’re tired of looking at your old four walls! 

Buy a selection of cushions and bedding.

This can really change up the vibe in your room and all you’re doing is changing what your bed looks like. We have a couple of different sets of bedding, but I alternate what colour cushions we use with what. Leopard print - mustard. Checked/grey bedding - green or grey. Doing this just gives the room a little refresh a couple times a month if we’re feeling it. 
I find throws and cushions cheaply from places like Primark, H&M, supermarkets like Asda & homesence. 

Picture rails are great for saving space!

Before we bought picture rails from Ikea we had nothing above the bed and our pictures on bedside tables, but to save space it is one of the best purchase we bought for the bedroom. We like the odd bit of table decor, but for the bedroom we wanted a minimal look, so we removed the boxy bedside tables and got the rail. You can put so much on them, prints, plants, books, etc. I’ve collected old cameras since I was a teenage, so we have a couple on the rail, along with trinkets and our favourite prints. 
For the best ideas we looked on Pinterest - using a variety of different size frames to layer them. 

Classic furniture - marketplace, eBay, antique stores, etc.

We’re always in two minds when it comes to furniture - either going for the usual black Ikea items or taking our time to find pieces that are unique and timeless. For our bedroom we replaced a black boxy bed with a black wire frame, something you can find much cheaper from places like facebook marketplace and ebay. Maxwell already had these gorgeous drawers (some sort of oak) and we’ve recently moved the matching wardrobe in there too. You’re going to find a more unique looking set if you go to antique stores, but keep your eyes out online and don’t just settle for a cheap, quick fix for your furniture. 

Paint old furniture.

This can really freshen up furniture and make you fall back in love with it. Before the square side tables we had plain draws from Ikea - adding a bit of black paint and they fitted perfectly with our decor. We also hunted some writing desks down from marketplace and I up cycled that to a light grey for our office! Look to pinterest for inspiration, but you could add paint to your bedside draws, new handles, etc, and it’s a new item you’re in love with again. 
You could also do this with bits of decor you have! If you’re wanting to add some accents of gold, copper or black, get yourself some metallic paint and fresh up things like jewellery dishes, plant pots, etc.

Paint a feature wall.

This can only apply to non-renters (god I do not miss rental restrictions when decorating) but painting a feature wall is a good day of changing up your room, without changing so much! With painting one wall you can change the temperature of your room, the mood - we have two black walls and I just think it makes the room more smart and also gives it clear shape. Grey is a popular choice, but maybe be a little daring and add some colour! One wall of paint can save you buying cushions, bedding and decor to just add a colour to your room.

Change up your prints or create some artwork yourself.

I tend to move around the prints on the picture rail and walls often, but purely because we have a lot around the house that enables us to do so! If you want to change up your prints, it’s always fun to make your own! Check out Pinterest for inspiration, or order from some independent stores on Instagram. Luckily in lockdown we can still order from online, but get some paints from amazon and give making your own art a go!

I hope you guys found these tips/ideas helpful! We love giving rooms a little love, and why not do it now you’re spending more time in your home.

Until next time, J x

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