Two years worth of fashion

20 May 2020

This is the last time I'll refer to my two year absence (I promise guys!!) but obviously I put together a lot of outfits, and it'd be fun to share my favourites! I've always played with my style when it comes to Spring/Summer, sticking to my go to jumpers and darker items for the Autumn. Winter is a complete blur or 'I'm so cold so it's layers and a coat', so you never see the outfit anyway. You could consider my style a little more alternative than most, but at the same time I love a good pastel, frilly, floral number when it comes to the first day of Summer. At the moment I'm loving vintage midi dresses or midi skirts, and I don't really care if they're alternative or not. I think as you grow you understand the best style is the one you're most comfortable with, that way you generally look like you're enjoying wearing the clothes!

Enjoy, J x

FLORAL DRESS - NASTY GAL // You can’t actually see the dress but I wore it to 2000 tree’s festival and it was super comfortable! Lovely tie up on the chest & good length for a short arse like myself.

LILAC DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // This is more recent as you can see my baby bump! Love this colour hopefully I can still squeeze into it after birth.

CHECKED TROUSERS - NASTY GAL // I love this combo and wore it for two weeks solid! From working for a vintage clothing company I fell in love with checked trousers, so every style, from every store I bought a pair! I think this combo with the Nirvana tee tied up looked good! 

DRESS - H&M // This is the dress I want to wear all the time but only ever wear it for an occasion once a year! I’m determined to wear it at least twice this year.

HARLEY DAVIDSON SWEATSHIRT - THE VINTAGE SCENE // Cue my obsession with vintage and Harley Davidson. 

CHECKED JUMPSUIT - JAW BREAKER LONDON // I wore this to Download festival and managed to keep it clean! HOW.

JACKET - LEVI’S VINTAGE . SKIRT - ASOS // This was a casual outfit thrown together but Max said I looked like Ozzy Osbourne.

DRESS - ZAFUL // I wore this dress to one of our best friends wedding (such an emotional, amazing day).

SKIRT - ASOS // Anytime I post a picture in this skirt I get ALOT of messages asking where it’s from! ASOS. I managed to wear this one in all seasons. 

POLKA DOT TWO PIECE - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // Wore this set to Leeds Festival which set me for the day seeing as it was so hot.

JUMPER - H&M . FLARES - FEMME LUXE FINERY*  // I’ve worn this outfit autumn, winter and spring! Let’s make it summer too why not. 

COAT - M&S // I finally did the grown up thing and invested in a smart coat! Never looking back. 

DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY * // Don’t you just love it when your headband matches your outfit!

FLARES - MISSGUIDED // The shirt is vintage, I love this look with some black leather flares.

JUMPER - TOPSHOP // I found this cropped jumper in the sale! Perfect pastel yellow for spring. 

DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY * // The best fit dress I own!

SKIRT - ASOS . TOP - H&M // This photo blew up when I uploaded it to Insta, but I love the combo its very me when I want to be a little alternative but girly. 

DRESS - ZAFUL // I did the scary thing of buying from the facebook advertisements, but I love how floaty this dress is! 

DRESS - ASOS // Second day of Leeds festival and I even wore matching leopard print sandals! 

DRESS - ASOS // Same dress but this is how I styled it for nights out/other wear that wasn’t a boiling hot festival. 

DRESS - TALLULAH’S THREADS* // Honestly anything lilac this year and I’m in love with!

DRESS - TALLULAH’S THREADS* // Another item by this brand and I honestly love how comfortable the oversized smocks are. 

DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // Definitely a dress for a certain occasion, but fancy!

DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // I wore this outfit to my Christmas do, love the colour and fit.

KNIT DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // I am a big fan of knit dresses because it means I can get away with feeling a casually fancy in winter.

COAT - PRIMARK // I love this combo of striped trousers with my trusted white teddy coat! I need tips on how to get it back’s slightly cream 

COAT - NEWLOOK . SHOES - DR.MARTEN // One of our little early winter adventures!

DRESS - SHEIN // I’m obsessed with midi dresses & brown really is a fun colour when you get past it being well, brown!

T-SHIRT - REDBUBBLE* // One of my favourite directors so ofc I wore this t-shirt for 3 months straight. 

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