1st Trimester

17 Jun 2020

Since openly telling the internet that we were expecting, I’ve had a lot of questions from fellow Mums to be, as well as curious followers. The one I get a lot is how did I find the first trimester, because either you breeze through it without throwing up, or you’re clutching the toilet bowl twenty-four-seven. 
I wanted to somehow document my pregnancy from when we first found out - thinking possibly through my YouTube channel, but only now decided I’d rather write it on my blog. This blog has wanted to be revived for a long time and I’m very excited to be involving Momma things! 

So! My first trimester...I don’t think any pregnant women gets out of it unscathed. When we found out I was pregnant I was around 4/5 weeks, feeling a little off some days and leaving a lot of my food which I won’t lie, is like me anyway. Everything I was eating was making me so bloated and heavy, but I bet for some people they’d connect that with their period starting soon. Well yeah, the period did not start soon. 
Pretty soon after that I started to feel nauseous, but only when it came to food! I can luckily say I never threw up, but when it came to any dealings with food it was a close call. 

It’s crazy the changes your body automatically starts to make! For me a lot of it was in the senses department straight away, I could smell food on a person a mile off and any food that was close to the sell by date was gross. I completely went off coffee, which made me so sad as I’d only just got into it and had bought so many different flavours! Milk was a big NO, meaning no cups of tea for the entirety of the trimester. Honestly, I’d wake up, picture my usual morning cup of tea and want to throw up. I drank too much pop in those weeks and started being really strict, just sticking to water. 
It took me quite a while to get back into drinking tea actually, going off milk had just played on my mind and stomach too much. I used to drink soy before I met Max, we switched to Oatly because it’s fantastic, but even that was too hard for me to muster a sip! It was really thick, so eventually in my 2nd trimester I went back onto drinking semi skimmed, just because it was thinner. Now we’re back on the good stuff that is Oatly - my stomach will thank me a lot!

Cooking food was my next huge struggle, as I had zero appetite. Maxwell was on tour for a month so he obviously couldn’t help with the cooking, I had to really pick my moments, stick to easy quick food and hope I kept it down. I ate a lot of tinned food that month and sachets of crap food! I’m not proud. 

One thing I experienced pretty quickly and I was shocked, was how quickly I’d get out of breath! I’d stand up - instantly out of breath and dizzy. I’m averagely healthy, but walking up the stairs just made me exhausted. To be honest everything made me exhausted, I was in bed for 6pm most days. 
We’d only told a couple of our closest friends and our direct family before Max left, so when we did put it on the internet, so many people said it made sense as to why I spent a lot of time in bed! I didn’t realise I’d been chilling out that much in the bedroom, pretty much in all of my Instagram stories...oopsie. My diet from being so tired did take a massive fall, so I was so relieved to finally enter the 2nd trimester and have all forms of nausea disappear!

Anyone else experience car sickness on a regular basis? Well I can guarantee that becomes ten times worse in your 1st trimester. I couldn’t even hack a half an hour journey to my mums, with my mum in her car! A women I’ve been in the car with since birth. Then whenever we’d of met our destination, I still felt sick for hours and couldn’t eat anything! My body was tricking me hard and a lot of the time I did have to force food down myself. 

Looking on the bright side, I didn’t throw up once! I slept a lot, enjoyed being super lazy and sponged a lot of Netflix. 

I am so thankful to my body that the second I hit the 2nd trimester I instantly felt myself again. I slowly came back around onto cups of tea, I had energy again and my appetite bounced back! Now I’m eating like a pig - anything and everything. It’s fantastic!
Looking back, I was quite lucky to only experience those few things. So far my pregnancy has been great, so I cant wait to tell you guys about the other parts.

Until next time, J x

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