2nd trimester of pregnancy

19 Jul 2020

I honestly can’t believe that my second trimester is over! I’m writing this at 27 weeks and for some reason I never researched into when I’d enter my third. I just felt like I’d be living in this happy pregnant bubble for a long time, which to be fair could still continue if the new trimester is very kind to me! A lot of mums have told me they returned to feeling sick and their bodies became very uncomfortable...so I’m just hoping that’s not me and I can continue feeling absolutely grande.

I’m excited to write about my second trimester because I actually loved it! The moment I became over twelve/thirteen weeks I immediately felt back to my normal self and then even better! I honestly can’t express how quickly it took for me to feel myself again after feeling nauseous for so long. I just woke up and finally fancied food again! I was amazed. Baby started to grow, I noticed my skin becoming better and after losing some weight I felt I could monitor my weight again back to a healthy place. I didn’t realise just how awful I’d felt in my first trimester, but I was lucky to never have physically throw up. I had been so tired for twelve weeks, it felt good to know I’d have my energy back to do a lot more I wanted to in 2020 (then of course lock down happened and I’ve spent most of my entire pregnancy scared of COVID).

Experiencing pregnancy in lock down has allowed me to really connect with my body, and see all those little changes you might not take notice of. I’ve actually loved every second. I’ve loved seeing baby grow week by week, really getting to know their movements and also learning a lot about what my body is going through. I’ve been able to appreciate it all, without distractions of work, etc.
It’s been a weird time for everyone this year, but I’ve felt very lucky to feel this good and spend the time with my partner Maxwell as we grow a human together! 

One of the big things with the second trimester is you can finally find out the gender of your baby! You can find a private establishment to get an early scan, or you can wait like we did for your 20 week scan at the hospital. Unfortunately with COVID, in Leeds all the private clinics closed, so we had no other choice than to wait. At the time I was so eager to find out the gender I felt really annoyed, but looking back the time flew by, and suddenly we were at 20 weeks. 
Maxwell wasn’t allowed in with me due to the pandemic, which dampened an experience we should have been a lot more excited for. It was like our first scan all over again, but I’d say this  one meant a lot more to us with potentially finding out the gender. 

Before the scan you have to drink a lot of water to get a clear scan image of baby - which with my little bladder, didn’t sit well the entire time I was in there. I waddled in already needing the toilet, waited over half an hour than when my appointment was meant to be, and then had to lay down and have the scanning utensil pressed into my stomach for a long time. Whilst the entire experience was magical and lovely, I couldn’t stop thinking about needing the toilet and actually fainted when I stood up. I am not a fainter! I’ve only ever fainted at the sight of blood before, so I think I worried the poor women who performed the scan to death, as well as myself. Fortunately baby did reveal their selves and I couldn’t stop crying, purely due to how happy I was to see baby but also because Maxwell wasn’t there to experience it with me. 
We had asked if the women could write on a piece of paper the gender, to look at it later together, but unfortunately the hospital was against that sort of thing with the pandemic. 

I knew from the start that a lot of the growing process would be in the second trimester, but I was not prepared for the sudden growth! I honestly felt like one day I went from having a small ‘gut’ bump to HELLO I am a giant pregnant lady. I think Max and I have been so shocked at how big my bump became very quickly. I just suddenly lost my hips and not long after that we started to feel baby move, which is the most magical feeling in the world.

We’ve actually made a spreadsheet to monitor babies movements - new mums you can thank me later for the ease it will put on your mind. When we started to feel babies little patters I found it hard to notice a pattern, so Max did a little set up on sheets the app, and then all we need to do is fill in the hours I feel baby move with a highlight. Super easy. Turns out baby moves practically every hour of the day - we’re having a very active baby! I recently told the midwife and she laughed, but honestly it is the best way to monitor their movement. That way you can easily see if baby hasn’t been moving and (hopefully you never have to) call the hospital to have a check.

With being at home so much due to lockdown, I’ve really been able to get in tune with my body and how I’m affected whilst my baby grows. When baby has had clear growth spurts (honestly I swear my stomach just doubled in size over the space of a week) I was so incredibly tired. I’d be exhausted by one task, or sometimes whilst I thought I was relaxing, I was shattered. I also found that my mental state would take a huge kick in these growth spurts - I’d feel so down or how I can best describe it as ‘feeling lost’. It would really take everything out of me, which is so confusing when there isn’t anything actually wrong. 
I find it very hard to accept a ‘bad’ day - so my mind would fire all over the place to pinpoint what was making me so sad, when really my hormones were just betraying me. 

In the second trimester babies memory becomes fully formed and they can recognise voices/sounds, etc. It honestly is the most amazing feeling to speak out loud to your bump, to then have them kick back or wriggle! Our baby is a huge wriggler! Honestly you can see them psychically turn or move from one side of your stomach to the other. It’s a feel I could never of imagined loving so much. When Maxwell speaks baby literally does back flips! Other mums have told me that as baby gets bigger they start to ‘fidget’ less because there will be less room in my tum, hopefully this helps me get more comfortable with laying down. It’s something that just didn’t cross my mind - but getting comfortable anywhere has become really hard. When I’m laid down suddenly baby is sat really weird, so I have to move into another position. I do this about one million times a night - which means I haven’t slept well at all. Even laying on the sofa can be super uncomfortable when baby shifts theirselves in my belly. 

As I’ve spent my entire pregnancy in lockdown, it means the last time I saw my family I was barely showing at all. It’s been hard not being able to see family members who will be super involved with baby. Towards the end of the second trimester restrictions started to ease meaning we could social distance in the garden, so I finally got to see my Mum! We all can’t believe how my bump has shot out! It was just nice for my family to finally see baby move and also meet my niece who was born in the pandemic! I do feel really sad that I haven’t been able to do that excited baby clothes shop with my mum, but I’m sure that’ll be the least of my worries when I’m up at 3am feeding baby.

Overall I’ve felt amazing in the second trimester! A lot of people say its let me bloom and this is honestly the best I’ve felt about myself for a long time, without realising it. I never thought gaining weight and growing a big stomach would make me feel so happy and more in love with myself! 

*the moment I’ve entered the 3rd trimester I’ve been hit with heartburn every day! Fantastic.

Until next time guys, J x