Becoming obsessed with Harley Davidson

28 Jun 2020

To anyone who rides a motorcycle and generally hates women at the moment for wearing vintage Harley - I’m sorry, but not really. Hello folks! A couple of years ago I started working for a vintage clothing company, and you’ve guessed it! This is where I found a lot of my vintage Harley clothing. I get asked a lot of questions about where I source vintage clothing and there are plenty of easy sites now, like ASOS marketplace for vintage. I worked in the office, where we shot and edited all the clothes for the website and also got first dibs on anything we liked. If there was ever a delivery with tones of Harley Davidson in, we’d all spend the morning excitedly steaming clothes and picking out some things we liked. 
I’m a little gal - meaning a lot of vintage clothes are massive on me. But you can make a look out of anything, so those big t-shirts soon became my go to loose t-shirt dresses. 

Over the years of working there and also when I left, I collected a bunch of Harley clothes and I thought why not share with you my faves! In my wardrobe it’s probably the biggest collection of a brand I have.

T-SHIRT - The Vintage Scene // SKIRT - New Look // HAT - Boohoo 

I love this t-shirt because it’s different than the usual black I’d go for! Blue and tie-dye! Feels like a surfers dream. The T-shirt is a men’s medium, I wear it oversized a lot with cycling shorts or tucked up into a crop like this! This style is super easy, just tuck it into your bra or tie it with a bobble at the front. This is definitely a 90’s feel t-shirt. 

T-SHIRT - The Vintage Scene // SKIRT - New Look 

Another T-shirt from The Vintage Scene on ASOS marketplace, and it’s by far my favourite as it’s such a Halloween t-shirt. A mummy riding a motorcycle with cobwebs and bats! BATS. I love it. It’s super old looking with the odd bleach mark, but I couldn’t care, vintage is vintage after all. 
I think if you’re shopping vintage keep in mind the quality is pre loved - you’re not going to get a brand spanking new t-shirt that’s never been washed.

Here is a list of some online sites you can find vintage Harley -

ASOS Marketplace
The Vintage Scene
Instagram Independent vintage stores

Another way to find vintage Harley is go to vintage fairs in the cities or visit vintage stores. They’re better than charity stores in the UK because they’re stocking brands and other on trend pieces.

HOODIE - The Vintage Scene // FLARES - Nasty Gal

This is one of my favourite ways to wear this hoody! I wore it on the night of a festival last year, and I think it’s a cool way to dress ‘up’ a hoody. It’s mustard my fave! I found this physically in store and fell in love - which I never thought I’d say about this item as I rarely go for outerwear loungewear. Another 90’s style of Harley but a great fit!

T-SHIRT - The Vintage Scene // CYCLING SHORTS - ASOS 

This t-shirt is super oversized, but I really wanted a pale t-shirt and I love that its faded tie-dye! The print is simple with the eagle and quickly has become my house lazy t-shirt for when I want to get away with oversized thangs. For someone little like me I can wear this as a t-shirt dress with a leather jacket or just belt it at the waist.

T-SHIRT - The Vintage Scene // SKIRT - Asos

Who doesn’t love rustic red! This t-shirt is a little thin so it doesn’t make for the greatest oversized t-shirt dress, but it’s easy to tuck into skirts or belt at the waist. I think this is the piece that looks the most vintage of my Harley collection - it’s faded, but completely awesome and something I could never part with. 

I have a couple more things like vest and Harley jackets - but with the early heat we’re having in the UK I don’t actually have a shot of the jacket! Maxwell hunted it down for me, from marketplace and it made for the best Christmas present ever. 

I hope you guys have liked seeing this little collection in my wardrobe! I’ve been thinking of how to do snippets of my wardrobe here on my blog, but it might be a IGTV moment. 

Until next time, J x