First time buying for a baby

5 Jul 2020

Max and I are first time parents, so we have zero clue on what is right when it comes to buying for your baby! I guess places on the internet like this are great, because you can read others words that have been in the exact same position as you. I’m sure one day we’ll be seasoned pros when it comes to baby products, but for now it’s one big, new experience

Anyway! I have been overly excited in my pregnancy so far, when it comes to buying things for the baby. We aren’t people that spend ridiculous amounts of money on things, so I was happy when we both had a similar budget on particular items. You either get people who will warn you that babies are expensive, or others that like us, that have made it work so far on not bad pricing. The easiest thing we did was write a list of obvious items you need for a baby, then we sat together, found ones we liked and linked it next to the item name. This means when we buy the item we’ve already done the research, and it’s good for if anyone wants to buy you anything! You can just send them the list - then they’re free to pick from it. 

We did get very eager and buy a lot of main items very soon into our pregnancy - but the first thing we researched into was the Pram. Oh my god why are certain prams so expensive. Why. We set our budget to under £500, and that was for multi purpose prams (the ones that come with the car seat, different attachments for when baby sits up, etc) and luckily found a lot for under. I honestly cannot believe that some prams can cost up to £1000. It seems completely unnecessary in my opinion. 
We found a good pram for around £300-£400 and I’ve actually fallen in love with it.  I can’t wait to be taking baby G out for walks in it! It has really good suspension on the wheels, it’s easy to fold down and the arm can be adjusted to different positions to make it easier to push for a 5ft person like myself or 6ft over like Max. It also came with a big stylish bag, that both Max and I don’t mind carrying around. A big thing we looked at when browsing prams was the wheels - some looked so flimsy and hard to stir.

I’ll link all the items we purchased, but if you see an item on for example Mammas & Pappas, check on other sites like Argos or other baby related stores. You can find a lot of items on those big brand websites, a lot cheaper somewhere else. 

When writing this we’re only just started to get the nursery sorted (decorating, etc) so items for babies bedroom wasn’t the first items we purchased. With us having a dog we wanted to get items that would be dotted around the house first, so that she had time to get used to their being baby things. No one wants a dog that becomes upset by change or wonders why she can’t go on baby’s play gym. These items weren’t as cheap as I thought when looking on websites like Argos, mammas & pappas, etc, which did shock me. However, like anything really you can find reasonable alternatives. I saw a play gym on John Lewis and immediately found the same one for half the price on amazon! Just take your time looking around for other options. 

The next items we purchased was a bouncer and a play gym, purely because they’re items like the pram that baby will use straight away. I actually wanted so many videos on what is the perfect style of play gym for babies, but at the end of the day it’s all down to you as a parent to choose. We went for a bouncer which has a washable cover, a bar with toys that hang down and it also plays music! I just think (well, hope) this will be more enjoyable for baby to sit in then just a plain chair. Music and toys to stare at - what more could they want! Again, we are first time parents, so who knows if baby will even like sitting in the bouncer. I think the most important part is that the bouncer has straps to belt baby in, but also is washable! Poo explosions, sicky burps - one wash and it’s away!
I stressed myself out a little too much looking into baby gyms - I understand baby needs lots of colour, but I actually hate children toys. I can’t stand lots of colour, but I also know that I won’t care what so ever when baby is here. Amazon actually was pretty pricy for baby gyms (well more expensive than I thought when budgeting) so I found another on a baby furniture website. Exactly the same, a lot cheaper! It’s covered in animals, has lots of dangly toys and makes music which the dog was confused about. We’ve had it up in the living room for a while now and the dog is completely unbothered about it - which is fantastic. She understands the toys aren’t hers. 

We were also very lucky to have friends gift us another bouncer and play gym - with lots of colour! More the merrier, you never know when you’ll need a back up of items with babies. 

There is a lot of controversy around the Moses basket, but its actually one of the first things we’ve purchased. A lot of people have said to me babies just don’t like them, but at the same time I’ve seen plenty of babies who do use them! I really do think it’s just down to the baby and whether they like to sleep in them. Our baby is measuring above average at the minute, so maybe they won’t even fit into it! We are considering buying a cot cocoon in case baby doesn’t fit into the Moses basket - but it’ll still get it uses to carry baby from room to room or to let them sit in when I need to do something. Throw in some toys, it’ll be a great basket for them to sit in whilst Mummy goes to the loo! 

We have been waiting a little on purchase a cot - only because with the baby being in a Moses basket or crib in our room, they won’t be going into the nursery for a couple of months after birth. I say this like it’s matter of fact, I’m hoping baby loves the Moses basket and we don’t need to buy a cocoon insert for the cot straight away. We’ve hunted high and low on baby website, mind blown at prices and how they double if you want storage underneath the cot. A trick to save money is double check on places like facebook marketplace - a lot of people are selling cots, just make sure they have no teeth marks and probably buy your own mattress for it. Works out cheaper and we’ve found lots of cots which were on the baby websites.

We’ve been researching into items like monitors, and it was an item we looked into very early. With having other google tech in the house we wanted it to be google compatible and possibly apple, this way we can see baby on our phones and talk to them through google home. Whilst I like the ease of being able to use my phone to see baby and hear them, I did also want it to come with its own monitor because I am useless when it comes to keeping my phone charged. Especially since spending more time at home, I’m constantly leaving it in one room and going about my day without. I think the monitor will be used a lot more when baby goes into their nursery, but it’ll be handy for when baby takes a nap and I don’t need to be in the room. We’re going to try breast feeding so no doubt I’ll be napping right along with them in the bedroom, till they wake me up for the boob!

Other easy purchased I made probably earlier than needed, was quick amazon purchases like a baby bath, care set, baby memory book, etc. They’re not expensive at all and amazon actually has a lot of discounts on at the minute with baby items. We got a Ollie the Owl sleeping aid teddy for half the price (why in the world is that teddy so expensive!).  

By the time baby is here I’m sure we’ll be all set with everything and more we need! The only thing I’m leaving till last is the breast pump - just in case we fail epically at breast feeding and move to formula. I hope this list has been a little helpful and I’ve left links to the products we purchased and others. 

Until next time, J x