From 6k to 30k - Instagram help

8 Jul 2020

Hello internet peeps! I’m assuming you’re reading this post because like me you’re into the Instagram app (could I sound anymore like an old women) and want a little help growing your page. 

Instagram can be a hard app to gage - with the confusing algorithm or advertised posts that now seem to clog up everyone’s feeds. But, in the space of maybe a year and a half I managed to grow my page from 6k to now over 30k and I didn’t have to spend a penny! I say this because a lot of people stupidly buy bots or join those follower accounts - wasting money on just a follower count. I don’t care that much about the online app, and in my personal opinion I think to care is quite unhealthy. I know people use the app for work, work with brands, make money and earn a living from Instagram - but I don’t think people should let Instagram control their lives. A lot of people take breaks from their phone because it sometimes can become unbearable - so whilst my followers have been growing, I’ve also not allowed the app to consume me. It is just an app at the end of the day. 

My Instagram started to become more active when I found myself a routine and stuck heavily to fashion content. I also started to post styling videos, and this is where the numbers started to stack up on my follower count. If people know they can come to your page for a certain thing they want, they’re more likely to follow because you’re a reliable source. Kind of easy when you think about it. I don’t really have some big genius online story, so I though I’d just compile some tips for you all to try out. They worked for me, they may or may not work for you! See it all as fun and have a big play with your Instagram page.

Find your posting routine 

None of us can pretend to understand Instagrams algorithm, but if you’re a regular poster and engage a lot, you’ll be seen more on your followers feeds. When I was a social media manager for a store I listened to a bunch of podcasts on Instagram, and if the app sees you as a reliable page, they bump you up to the top of your followers feeds. Depending on where you live in the world, figure out when people are most active on your Instagram and start to post at that time! I used to post super early in the morning so commuters saw my posts as well people who wake up and sit on their phones for an hour. Another great time to post is just after tea time when everyone’s getting home from work. 
I post every day or at least 5 times week - this is regular posting, at a predictable time so both Instagram and my followers know when to expect a post from me. 

Engage before and after you post 

This tip almost follows on from the first - when you post make sure you’re engaging with other accounts! Whether this be liking people on your feed, on the popular page or even commenting! Do it for a couple of minutes before and some time after - this lets Instagram know you’re account is almost awake and that you’re interacting. Instagram likes this! 

Find the hashtags that work for you and stick to them 

This works best if you’re Instagram is specifically for something. I’m a fashion blogger so all of my posts are fashion related - therefore I use fashion related hashtags. They really do work and this is a way to get you onto others popular pages. Anyone who regularly likes photos with certain hashtags or follows these hashtags will see your posts on the popular page from time to time. When I post a picture I usually follow it with my hashtags in the comments - using the same hashtags every time is also showing Instagram that you’re a reliable account for that certain content. 

People like photos with a human in them 

This was a weird point but I heard it over and over on all the podcasts I listen to. People like photos more when a physical person is in them - so maybe start to post more of yourself. This is easy if you’re a fashion page, but maybe this tip can be an experiment if you’re for example, a book page. See if it gets more interaction putting yourself in the photo. If I’m ever reviewing a product I tend to hold it - showing my outfit as well as the item, keeping it still relevant to my page. 


For me this was a big element to my page growing! When I started to upload one to two styling videos a week, I got a lot of engagement and new followers. I think they’re fun and people love to watch them! You can make conversation on your posts and even ask questions via the caption for people to engage with. 

Consistent feed 

When I took at other fashion pages I follow, they all have constant feeds that are very visually appealing. Whether that’s the same filter on every photo - or the same area they take their photographs in. It makes your feed look together and people may follow your account just for your pretty photographs. I use the same filter on my photos so where ever I take the photo, it fits in with the rest of my feed. That’s the easiest thing to do - you might get bored only allocating yourself to one room of your house to take photos or only taking them outsides, etc. I think a lot of people can get quite obsessed with wanting their feed to look perfect - don’t worry or care too much! It’s just an app. 

Swipe options

For other accounts to engage with my posts, I started to use the swipe feature on posts to my advantage. This is great tip for fashion pages - style an outfit a couple of different ways, turn your post into multiple photos and get your followers to comment which style is their fave! It opens your post to interaction and can be quite fun for yourself to style up looks. I really enjoy posting about styling and fashion.

Stories, Highlights and IGTV are great!

As well as posting to your feed, there are lots of ways to engage with followers now on Instagram. I love keeping my stories going every day - whether it’s behind the scenes of me styling outfits, or what I’m eating for dinner. It’s more personal and always gets everyone engaging. Highlights are a great way to make different ways of content from your stories, and save them to your page. I love to review books, so I just keep them to my highlights and people have loved them.
IGTV isn’t for everyone - but fashion peeps, it’s great to get in more styling content without taking on the bigger world of YouTube.  

I probably could go on for days on ways I grew my page - but these were the best ones that worked for myself. I have a healthy growth still going on and from finding my routine, I have no stress about posting. If you want to post do it! If you don’t, who cares! No ones coming for you with the pitch forks. Easy ways to manage your page is take photos in bulk and then you have weeks worth of content in the bank. 

Try them out and have Insta fun!

Until next time, J x

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