21 Jun 2020

Over the years I’ve realised that I tend to sway to a true crime novel, rarely ever reaching for anything else. Since being pregnant I have bought a couple of books to help me along the way with motherhood, but still it’s a very specific area of reading. I do want to add some non fiction to the list, but for now I hope you all enjoy another bunch of true crime fiction novels! 

Harbour Street - by Ann Cleeves
2014 - Crime, thriller & mystery 

I bought this book when I was at Centerparcs with my family - I realised I hadn’t packed for any down time and thankfully their supermarket stocked some books! I love the television series Vera - which is what these books are. They nail Vera to a tee when you read the books and compare her to the character we see on tv! 
Harbour street is your usual crime/detective mystery, which makes it my home comfort when I want an easy read. I never guess who done it! The book is set around Christmas and there is a murder on the metro, leading Vera and her team to a street where anyone could be a suspect. The victim lived with many secrets, and some of them have caught her up. 
I feel a little like the ending of Ann Cleeves novels always come a little abrupt - nothing will be given away, the team still have many suspects then over a chapter it suddenly clicks and that’s who did it. There wasn’t really a build up to this particular murderer, but it was still a good novel.

3/5 from me.

The Family Upstairs - by Lisa Jewell
2019 - Triller/Suspense 

In the kitchen lies three dead bodies. Upstairs is a well fed and looked after baby. Who has been looking after the baby? What happened in this Chelsea home?
This book was completely not what I expected. For some reason going in I thought it would be your usual detective style mystery - but it was far from! The book switches from three different narrators and one is in the past explaining how too families came together in the early 90’s and how a cult was formed. The baby is all grown up and inherits the giant house - finding out who she really is but having a million questions to the death of her parents. 

I found it quite hard to get into, but once in a flow I started to get very impatient with how each chapter was from a different narrative. I didn’t care much for the character Lucy one of the narrators, so whenever it would switch to her story I wanted to rush through the chapter. The mystery did have me hooked! I liked the small twists at the end, nothing major but ‘aaaah’ kind of moments. 
I heard a lot of people say good things about the book - but it also got a lot of bad reviews on Amazon. Some of the comments I do agree with! Characters like the mothers and other children could be stronger!

4/5 from me.

The Whisper Man - by Alex North
2019 - Thriller, Suspense & Horror Fiction

I honestly can say this book has turned me around to welcoming more horror novels into my reading list! I tend to stick to the good murder mystery old faithful, but my heads has been completely turned with this novel. I was gripped from page one - tense, scared in places and could not put it down till the last page. 

Fifteen years ago a serial killer known as the Whisper Man haunted a small town. He’s in prison for killing five children, but a body was never recovered and a new child has disappeared.Tom and Jake move into the weird looking house, where there is secrets hidden and whispers at night...

There is so much to this book that I’ve fallen in love with how North writes a novel. I love details we’re given but aren’t significant till we’re putting all the pieces together! The twists and turns had me literally not breathing. He genuinely created the creepy feeling of terror a thriller like this needed. I Don’t know if it’s because I’m expecting a child this year but I couldn’t imagine anything worse than your child going missing - so I was hooked to finish the story.
Definitely one of the top three novels I’ve read so far this year!

5/5 from me.

The Holiday - by T.M. Logan
2019 - Crime & Mystery

A friend who has very good taste in books (oh hai Naomi) lent me this, so it didn’t fail to disappoint. 
A group of adult friends with their children decide to take a break out to France, but Kate suspects her husband of having an affair and with one of her best friends on the holiday. Nothing is as it seems and not only do we follow Kate down her hole of suspicion, but everyone has secrets. 
A different kind of thriller than I would usually reach for, as the crimes are only revealed towards the end to the novel - but definitely worth a read. Her writing is gripping and you almost feel like you’re on holiday with them, trusting no one and over thinking everything.

4/5 from me.

It’s going to be a regular occurrence that most of my reading lists will consist of true crime novels! It’s my favourite genre, so I hope you guys like that about my reviews. 

I’ve also been reading some baby books this month but I’m going to do a post later into my pregnancy about the best ones I recommend to first time mommas!

Until next time, J x