The Ordinary Skincare Review

14 Jun 2020

If I had a penny for every time I saw someone online rave about The Ordinary brand...well, I’d have a lot of money!
Yes I will admit I have fallen for the influencer trick! I saw so many people say how blown away they were by this skincare, so I popped over to the Beauty Bay website and placed an order. 

Straight away I was so impressed by the pricing! Apart from their staple product which is just over ten pounds, most of their products are super affordable! Most of their products are around £5 - so with the many good reviews in mind I thought I’d pick a couple of items to try. Spoiler, now I’ve tried them I really want to add a couple more products to my basket!

Natural moisturising Factors + HA

It’s been a long time since I bought a moisturiser that wasn’t Nivea, and quite honestly I need to get better at looking after my skin. Whilst that type of product is perfect for legs and body after the bath, I need something better for my face. Oh my gosh. This product for around £6 has knocked my socks off. I have loved moisturising my face, both before bed and in the morning!
For the price the size product is amazing! A little product really goes along way, which I soon found out squeezing a little too much the first time (it was literally a pea size and was too much!). I massage it into my finger tips and then apply to my face - feels so silky and weightless. I hate it when a moisturiser feels really greasy, which this doesn’t at all! My skins felt amazing since using it and has given me a glow on those no make up days. 

I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I run out!

Serum Foundation - shade fair 

This foundation is £5!! A total bargain when literally all you need is one small pump to cover your face. 
I went for the serum because honestly I didn’t realise their was a full coverage option - but this is super easy to build and in summer I don’t really want a full cover. The shade is perfect for myself, and other shades have options of undertones to them. I have a yellow to my skin so I always go for a fair colour with a hint of warmth. I feel like I’m not even wearing foundation when this is on! It’s light, but hides all blemishes and comes in a good size bottle for your handbag. Another product I definitely want to repurchase when I run out. 

High spreadability fluid primer

I’m on the fence about this product, because whilst it’s very good, I’m unsure as to whether I like it! I haven’t read any reviews that agree (so this is just my opinion don’t let it put you off) but I find the product quite greasy to handle. When on my face it doesn’t feel that way at all! But getting it from the bottle, to hand, then to face - it feels super greasy and I immediately want to wipe my hands. There is also way too much product in the bottle that it spills out every time I take out the applicator...but is too much product for £5 a bad thing? 
The product itself when on is amazing however! It’s light, when used with their foundation really sticks for hours of wear. It also makes other layers of makeup I apply really stand out, like highlighter! 
I do think it’s worth a try for £5.

I honestly am so impressed with their products and I’m considering expanding my skincare routine to purchase some more! I never really use a toner or a buffer (not sure what that is, could be fun) but I’ve hard amazing things. 
My skin type is pretty average as I only suffer a little with sensitivity - but from other reviews these products are fantastic for anyone suffering with acne, etc. 

Until next time, J x
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