Tips for taking photos inside

10 Jun 2020

I’m writing this in the past, where we’re still in lock down. I have no doubt we’re probably still in lock down when you guys are reading this, so hopefully to a lot of fashion bloggers/instagram peeps this will be helpful. 

This time maybe two years ago I started to take photographs inside more than out - it’s easier and if you get the right environment make for epic photos. Out door photography can be hard when you’re on your own, so snapping some pics in your bedroom is the other alternative to share your style. If you’re a fashion blogger/influencer it shouldn’t matter where you are, it’s all about the outfit! My followers come to my instagram page to see how I style an outfit, not to see if it was shot down a townhouse street, or just in my hallway. When I realised this it just took an ease off my mind that I didn’t realise I even had! I understand that Instagram and our blogs can be used as a form of work, but honestly don’t take it seriously. Don’t get stressed and obsessed with how your feed looks. Have fun! Once you start doing you and doing what makes you feel better, you’ll find it much more fun. 

I grew my instagram by uploading styling videos, which I just took in my bedroom. They were quick, fun and made me realise that inside photography can be just as interesting as outdoors. Here are some tips on how to get the best indoor shots:

Get yourself a tripod.

Luckily for me I bought a tripod back when I was in college for photography projects, but if you haven’t one already, get yourself on amazon and order one up! They’re not expensive and are a total life saver. Gone are the days where you’ll balance your phone in a cup, on some books, on your bed to get that good shot! Having a tripod means you can be more mobile around your home, to where you want to take your photos. I tend to stick to the bedroom because I love the lighting in there - but it means I can get a shot from any angle. It also means you don’t need to get someone else to take your photos! Phone or camera timers are also a life saver. 

Don’t be scared to move things around.

Have a pretty plant in the living room but it’ll look bomb for a photo in the bedroom? Move it! When I first started taking photographs inside I didn’t know where to stand, but then I started making corners. I’d set up some props, make my photos more interest with a plant in the back, extra pillows on the bed, etc, and snap away. Decor and furniture can be moved, so don’t be scared to move things around to get that perfect in door photograph! 
I used to do flat lays a lot on Heartshapedbones, so putting together objects for a photo can be quite fun when it wants to be! Want a good Spring/Summer photo? Add some flowers or pastel colours into your background. 
Another tip I found helpful is - take your mirror for a walk! Rest your mirror on your bed, floor, living room, like I said decor is sturdy enough to be moved.

Lightroom is a good investment. 

If you have well lit rooms in the day, good for you! I’ve unfortunately lived in some gloomy rooms before, so lightroom or other photo editing software is a life saver. I don’t do much - amp up highlight, brightness, clarity, warmth, then lower shadow, and other darker options. People love bright, colourful images (unless your blog appreciates the darkness then you do you) so just had fun with your photos. 

Find your filter.

One thing that will help your photos fit well with your feed/blog is a good filter that you use on all of your photos! If you’re taking photos inside they will all eventually start to blend, which is good because it makes a good flow! I either take photos in our bedroom or in the hall way, both have different tones to the rooms, so with the same filter it gives the exact same warmth and other properties. I use an app called Kuni Cam and that allows me to add flecks of ‘dust’ and make my images more vintage in colour. There are presets you can buy and find on light room - again have fun with editing and making your feed your own!

Change up your positions.

I think one thing that puts people off taking photos inside is they don’t really know what do. You find a pose that looks good, but then you just repeat and repeat (something I get stuck with when taking photos in front of our mirror). The best thing to do is do a little research, have a scroll through Instagram and see who’s feeds you like best. I have my go to 4 - photo in front of the mirror, body shot without my face in, full body length shot to feature the shoes and then just a photo of me engaging with my surroundings. 

Photo in bulk. 

This isn’t really a tip, but more of a pro to taking photos inside. If you’re outdoors and you snap a photo of that one outfit, you have one photo to post. Inside, you can change your outfit as much as you want that day, snap a load of photos and have content for weeks. It’s so much easier and honestly, I never take photos outside anymore. For me my followers went up more when I started taking photos inside. 

Change up your angles. 

Another tip to not make your feed/blog look same-y is change up your angles, another huge advantage you have to taking photos inside. Stirring away from a tripod, you can use anything to balance your camera and take photos around the house. I like shooting from lower down so it makes me appear taller. You could get photos from up high to get more of the room in, from the top of the stairs whilst you’re going down, around corners so it looks like you didn’t know it was being taken, etc. Have fun!

Don’t capture clutter. 

When I was 16 and reading blogs, I always remember a photography article saying never to capture clutter. It takes two seconds to put away the straighteners on the floor, straighten your pillows, etc. The photos look much more clear and then your audience is focusing on what you’re wearing, and not the pile of washing in the background. Like I said before about making little corners, you could have clutter everywhere else in the bedroom - but that little corner is set up perfectly for my styling photos.

I hope you guys found this super helpful! Don’t fret if you cant get your usual outdoor pics - indoors is just as good!

Until next time, J x

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