What we’ve gotten up to in lockdown

24 Jun 2020

I said to Maxwell this morning that lock down has been amazing for our relationship, purely because of how much time we’ve been spent together which wouldn’t of been the case. Before lock down my boyfriend toured with bands, so to break down the year he might of been home for only a couple of months and away all summer touring abroad before baby arrived in September. He had planned to work a lot so that he could take winter off for baby - but due to the lock down all his work got cancelled, hence him only being away for a month in February. It’s been a strange time with the restrictions of self isolating due to the pregnancy, but it has been amazing spending so much time together we wouldn’t have had other wise. I feel closer than ever to him, we’ve basked in being pregnant, really getting to know how baby bump is growing and giving a lot of our time to our adopted pooch (we adopted her in January so it’s great to give her all our time). 

I’ve been really curious to see what people have been up to in lockdown, and it’s been fun to read posts on the new crafts people have picked up or see DIY’s online. Everyone seems to be picking up new things, finally doing those jobs they’ve been meaning to do forever or just indulging in lots of television programs. I’ve seen so many book reviews/program reviews - and it’s been ace to have the recommendations. I really thought we’d be out of our minds bored, but lock down has actually been packed with things to do in the house! I sell my own art from home as well as decor, and it really took off with a tiger king surge. I’ve been kept busy, so I thought I’d give you guys a little insight into what we’ve been up to for the past four months. 

Garden transformation 
Ok this started off as a little tidy up, but quickly turned into Max ripping out the bottom of the garden and planning space for our family. I’ve loved it! Currently writing this we’re half way through creating a space at the back, but we’ve planned a lovely shaded sitting area for friends/family. We’re lucky to have a big back garden (which is amazing for pooch) so we’ve expanded it back to make room for children things, as well as a space for ourselves. 
Originally we only planned to make things look nice when Max made some planters from an old shed, but I’m sure you understand how plant buying happy you can get in a garden centre! Eventually we’re going to stain things, add furniture/lights and be ready to enjoy the big space next summer when baby is 9 months or so. 

Smashing through my reading list
When we went into lockdown I had at least ten books on my 2020 reading list, which suddenly turned into a lot more arriving from amazon the further we had to stay at home. I honestly can’t believe the amount of books I’ve managed to get through! But it’s been so fun. I love taking time for myself to dive into a novel and I’ve loved reading book reviews. I’ve followed a bunch of book bloggers! I think with being pregnant and not having to leave the house for work, I’ve wanted to rest more as they advise - making time for reading easier to come by!

Getting to know pooch
I want to do a big post on how we adopted Nessa our Staffy, so I’ll briefly touch on how her time with us is going! She is a rescue dog from dogs trust and the entire process started at the beginning of December and ended with us adopting her in January. She spent a lot of time at our house before we did, because of how much she hated being in the kennels with other dogs. We quickly made a bond with her and you could tell she’d put her trust in us. Lockdown has luckily allowed that bond to be like no other - we do treat her like a princess, but after the life shes had, she deserves to now live a happy life, getting what she wants. 
It was a struggle to only be able to take her out once a day with the restrictions, but we’ve worked on her walking skills, improved her behaviour slightly with other dogs (this is going to be a life time working progress) and house manners. She’s amazing! She’s loved the extra cuddles on the sofa, spending lots of time in the garden and just generally having us around 24/7. She’s an older dog so shes very chilled.

Bloody Shameless.
I don’t think either Max or I realised what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to start the series Shameless in lock down. I didn’t think anyone realised how long the lock down would go on for! But we finally finished the entire eleven season series after starting it back in March! MARCH. We decided to not watch anything else and it feels like such a relief to be able to start Netflix series we’ve had on our list. 
Shameless the UK series isn’t for everyone, but it’s been a really fun, easy watch and actually covers a wide variety of subjects. A lot of subjects you’d be surprised to see in the series!

Witchcrafts art prints & sticker packs
I started to sell sticker packs at the beginning of the year on my art store, and they actually blew up when I made a Tiger King themed pack. I was packaging order after order - I’ve probably sent out over 200 Tiger King sticker packs just in April. We couldn’t believe it! It was so exciting to see that much engagement to my store, which has continued since. I was worried it’d be a little lock down busy patch, like how it is at Christmas, but I’m still being kept very busy with orders. The quality of my art has definitely stepped up this year as I now digitally draw my work using procreate on my IPad.
I also switched to shopify to sell via Instagram, which was an amazing decision! 

DIY & decorating before baby arrives 
With Max not being on tour, we decided to do as much as we could in lock down before baby arrives. Luckily earlier this year we’d fitted wooden flooring in the livingroom, making it easier to mop up baby accidents, spills and food. In actual lock down, we’ve painted the hallway, stairs, cleaned up the doors and wood work - decorated a nursery for baby and made ourselves an office/studio up in the loft to keep work out of the way. We’ve made space for baby things, as well as keeping some items out to get pooch used to there being baby things around which she can’t touch. 
It’s been awesome to sort through our things together and essentially declutter. 

Picking up crafting
I’ve always been into crafts - learning to knit, crochet and other things when I was just a teenager. To support the NHS everyone in our village (and most of the UK) have been hanging painted rainbows in their windows, but I also saw online rainbow rope wall hangings that I wanted to give a try. Super easy, you can find tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest. Family and friends asked me to make them a hanging - which lead me to making them for people in our village, as well as selling them online. I’ve had so much fun making them that I’ve gotten more into crocheting - making our baby some blankets and knitting teddies. 

Practically my entire 2nd trimester
mentally it’s been quite hard being pregnant and not spending it seeing family, my midwife in person or being able to shop for simple things like baby clothes. It’s all felt super restricted. But, at the same time it’s felt good to be able to just be in a home bubble with Max. We’ve really gotten to know babies movement pattern, notice day by day the changes in me, etc. Amazon and online shopping has been amazing for putting together the nursery, just so I don’t feel so unprepared. 
In lockdown I’ve been to my two baby scans, and unfortunately Maxwell hasn’t been allowed into either. It was heart breaking. I’ll be honest - I couldn’t be as excited as I should of been, because we were so sad he couldn’t see his baby on the screen. I fainted in my second scan (I hadn’t eaten much and I had such a full bladder, which was pressed on for over 20 minutes) so it was more frustrating that my partner hadn’t been there to help me. I’ve only had one in person midwife appointment, and if I’m honest whilst I’m having a really good pregnancy, over the phone appointments seem pointless. They’re super short, our midwife just runs through a check list to see if I’m ok and neither of us can do much else. 

Until next time, J x

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