How to make a rainbow wall hanging

1 Jul 2020

Hello everyone! In the UK the rainbow became a big sign of hope, especially for the NHS. In the pandemic to show support to key workers everyone clapped on Thursday evenings and hung paintings of rainbows in their windows! It honestly was lovely to see. With that, I suddenly saw a lot of these rainbow wall hanging tutorials floating around the internet and decided to try my crafting hand at one. I soon made them for family, friends, people around the village and now sell a couple on my online store. 

With being the crafty sort I’ve always had a collection of coloured yarn lying around, so for me it was easy to get the bits together - but I will link where you can find supplies. 

I think they’re super cute and especially with us growing a child in the pandemic, it’s because very special to me seeing the rainbows. I love different colour palette rainbows I see in children’s nursery’s on Pinterest, etc - so you can use any colour yarn you want! For the tutorial I’ve used a selection of pastel yarn.

What you’ll need and where you can find it:

  • Yarn - there are lots of colour yarn sets on Amazon (or you can find them in craft stores if the shops are open)
  • Rope - Amazon
  • Needle - you can order sets of different sizes, again from Amazon
  • Sewing thread - Amazon (or craft stores)
  • Scissors
1. Using scissors, cut four or five sections of rope for each colour of your rainbow. You want to cut each section smaller than the other, so when you bend them into a rainbow shape they all are the same length at the bottom. You’ll leave the rope loose at the bottom, so you can cut the length to be straight afterwards.

3. After you’ve figured out what order of colours you want your rainbow to be in, start to wrap the yarn around each section of rope. Tie the yarn to the rope leaving the end of the rope free for the dangling bits that look like tassels. Keep the yarn tight when wrapping, then tie off at the end of cut using scissors. Do this for however many sections of rope you have in your colours.

4. Thread your needle - use a thick needle that will go through the rope easy.

5. One side of your rainbow will be the back - pierce the rope that way and thread the needle into the next piece of rope to connect them. You don’t want to thread at the top of the first section so that you can thread through a handle later. Do that with each layer so that all four/five are connected (it doesn’t matter if you haven’t connected them neatly - this side will be facing the wall). 

6. Using the scissors cut the ends of the tassel like rope at the bottoms to make them level. 

7. Cut a small section of rope - this is going to be your handle. 

8. Thread your handle through the first and second section at the top and tie. 

There we go! Super easy and can be a little lovely piece of decor or a big wall piece depending on whatever size you chose! I haven’t gone into how much of rope and yarn you’ll need, because it’s completely up to you.

Hopefully you guys found this easy and helpful to follow! If you make on please tag me in your hangings! @heartshapedbonesx

Until next time, J x

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