A fun night virtually with Moonpig

5 Aug 2020

2020 has been an incredibly weird time for anyone with an event planned. From weddings to birthdays, any sort of gathering has had to be cancelled and it’s bummed everyone out. We’ve seen video chat apps like zoom take over how we communicate with others, so Moonpig took the two things and created a virtual event!

I’ve used Moonpig for as long as I can remember, since I moved out of my parents home and went off to university, seven years ago. It’s an easy way to send cards, flowers and other gifts to your loved ones when you’re not going to be there. When my partner was working away on tour he’d always send me moonpig cards and flowers, so I was thrilled to be invited to their virtual event to have some fun, and learn all about their app. It started with receiving amazing gifts, flowers and a full cocktail set in the post leading up to the night - ready for different activities like flower arranging, cocktail making with Mix & Twist, whilst discussing moonpig and the features their app provides for customers!

We started off with a master class on the new mobile app - some features are only on IOS but will be making it to android very soon. Anyway, it was actually pretty fun to see the wide range of cards Moonpig offers, but also how intricately you can personalise them. From your own photos, words, colours, formats - there’s plenty of ways to make a card special for someone. 
I really liked how Moonpig have this feature where you can open your camera, and the app virtually puts a card into the space of where you have your camera pointed. This way you can see just how big your card is going to be, or how it will look in a certain space. Just a helpful tool to gage a card! There is also a section on their app that allows you to log peoples birthdays and other occasions - so the app will notify you when you need to buy a card!

You can also look through the wide range of gifts and flowers! We we’re sent the Luxury Summer Garden* bouquet for flower arranging, which is one of their new flower products. I’m a huge fan of mixed flowers.

I really like that Moonpig also work with independent illustrators on their card designs, so theres always new, unique cards available for any occasion. 

When I was 16 I did my work experience in a Florist, so this was incredibly fun to get back into! The masterclass was with Roxanne from Moonpig - so we got a little insight into her vision when she and the team pick flowers to be sold as bouquets. Flowers are a huge association with birthdays, so I love that there is a wide range in both type and price to choose from! 

The great thing about the flowers from Moonpig, is that the bouquets come with a guide on how to care for them! it’s great for flower newbies, or whoever is receiving the flowers and don’t really know the first thing on what to do with them. There is even a little guide in the pamphlet on how to arrange them, but the bouquets come already semi arranged so that you can just slip them into a vase. 

Some tips I got from the class:

- Use the flower food that comes with the bouquet 
- Cut diagonally the ends (2cm) of your flowers & remove any leaves half way up
- Don’t over fill or under fill your vase with flowers - you want to cut your flowers to a height which makes half vase, half flowers when you look at it as a whole
- Fill your vase only half way up with water and frequently change 

Mix & Twist hosted the virtual cocktail masterclass, and it was so fun! Alcohol gifts are available on moonpig, which is a great idea for any friends you know who love a good beverage. We made three cocktails (I did mocktails and gave Max all the alcohol) which we’re summer themed, the Summer garden being my favourite which goes hand in hand with the flowers. 
If I was to ever throw a birthday event I definitely would include some cocktail making - it’s super fun and everyone virtually was having a good time. 

The cocktails we made:
  • Summer Garden – 45ml Vodka, 25ml lime, 25ml sugar syrup, mint leaves, cucumber, 25ml elderflower soda
  • Strawberry Fizz – 45ml Vodka, 25ml lemon, 25ml sugar syrup, soda, strawberries, lemon
  • Passionfruit Martini – 45ml Vodka, 20ml lemon, 25ml passionfruit syrup, 60ml pineapple juice

I’m incredibly happy and feel lucky to have been involved in the virtual event by Moonpig! It was such a good idea to get everyone together, have fun, but learn about the app and what customers can expect. 

Like I said at the beginning, I’ve always been a huge fan of Moonpig so for someone like me the app is incredibly useful! I’ll no doubt be able to keep on top of everyone’s birthdays with the date log feature.

Thank you for having me along moonpig, until next time everyone, J x