July Birch Box Beauty Review

14 Aug 2020

Nothing gets me more excited than a parcel every month, which is filled with surprises! If you’re wanting a pick me up treat then I definitely recommend a cheeky beauty subscription box. 
I’ve received two packages already from Birchbox and was impressed by the products I got! There was a mixture of skincare and makeup, and I’m frequently using them all in my routine. I think my favourites so far have definitely been the skincare products - I love a good face mask and I finally tried my first eye cooling patches. For me makeup can always be hit and miss as I really like what I already have (if that makes sense?). I’m not one for pink products and my skin tone is very light, so the ‘safe’ options subscriptions go for, for a pale white women just isn’t me. 

This months subscription box is all about being fruity! It’s summer time and to celebrate the products all seem fitting. I love the packaging as usual to get me into the bright spirits.
In summer my makeup is always very light, and I focus more on a good skincare routine. With being at home more, lately I barely wear any makeup - so I appreciate what I got in my box this month. Two skincare based products, two beauty based and then a hair based product! I have very thick curly hair, so keeping it super healthy has been a priority for years.

With the weather we’ve had here in the UK I’ve not had chance to try this product yet, but the texture feels incredibly on my skin when I did a patch test! It was silky and didn’t sit thick. The velvety formula offers high UVA and UVB protection, is water resistant and non greasy. The product also isn’t perfumed, making it perfect for all skin types. 

I hadn’t heard of this brand before, then the next time I popped into my home bargains there was so many products by Dr Paw Paw! This balm is perfect to hydrate not only your lips, but it makes for a good cheek tint. I opted for rich mocha because I’ve always preferred brown makeup to pink, and it leaves my lips feeling so moisturised. 
One thing I dislike about products is when a tint of colour is too strong - but this isn’t the case with this balm. It leaves my lips with a sheen of warmth, and I don’t have to use loads of product. 

This has to be my favourite product out of the box! I love a primer that leaves my skin feeling incredibly rejuvenated before I apply my makeup. Infused with watermelon, this aqua serum primer grips foundation for long wear and adds a glow. It also smooths the skin without the use of silicone! Straight away I found a little goes a long way when applying to your face, and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky whilst drying. I am really considering buying a full product size of this, as it’s left my skin feeling so good and my makeup hasn’t felt heavy on top. 

This shampoo enhances your hair with keratin proteins, natural cellulose and improves your hairs strength. It thickens the appearance of each individual strand. 
I have incredibly thick hair already, but after one wash with this shampoo I did notice it left my hair less tangled and super soft to touch. Unfortunately I also have really long hair, so the small sample size only lasted one wash - so I can’t really comment on a long term affect.  It doesn’t however smell really good, and felt like a high end product as I massaged it into my hair when washing. 

This face mask nourishes the skin with luxurious coconut oil, vitamin E and essential Amino Acids. Coconut oil has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory benefits that helps repairs the skins natural barrier! 
I love a good face mask! There’s nothing better than having a pamper night, putting on the mask for 15 minutes and having a cup of tea. I always apply skin products when I’m having a wind down night with a book, and it makes me feel so refreshed when I wake up in the morning. The sheet mask doesn’t smell heavily of coconut if you’re not a fan - it’s super hydrating and you feel the effect straight after removing. 

I really enjoyed the summer feeling this box brought! Despite the wrong change in the weather, it’s got me excited for sunny days. 

Until next time, J x