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My name is Jessica Gutteridge and I'm 24 years old! I created this little old blog here at the beginning of 2015, but I have been blogging for five years all together! I created heartshapedbones to express my personal style and interests in life, those being fashion, art, craft, beauty and lifestyle. I am currently based in Doncaster, but I lived in York for a few years whilst I completed a Fine Art degree, met the love of my life, found an amazing job and now we're onto our new big adventure! I run my own independent illustrated prints and craft business which is called Witchcrafts and I uploading regular on my youtube channel. My passions in life include art, crafts, tattoos, film culture, Gothic and Vintage fashion! I can't seem to decide if I love to dress like I'm from the 90's, 70's or 60's...My style of fashion is constantly changing as I love to mix things up. 

I've been fortunate to work with brands such as:

For further information or to get in contact with me over wanting to work with your brand, please check out my Contact & Pr page.


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