29 Jan 2015

Greetings & Salutations (Heathers never gets old!) As of late I have been apart of an art trade with Urbancultjewellery, who you can find at http://urbancult.bigcartel.com/ and you can follow them on their IG @ instagram.com/urbancultjewellery

I was absolutely blown away by the jewellery that was sent to me, wrapped up in cut little black  pouches which of course is right up my street. Like an excited kid on Christmas I opened each necklace up and fell in love, the velvet moon choker being an extreme favourite, even though I wanted to put everything on at once! I love the different lengths of chains, all really good quality silver and I know none of them are going to go snapping like many have done before (never buy from ebay it's a curse). 

 (Also cheeky feature of my new coffin ring!)