Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses Review | Dream Eyes

20 Mar 2015

I am an absolute newbie when it comes to putting contacts in and I did squirm like mad when my finger went anywhere near my eye. BUT alas I managed to get them into my eye! Spookyeyes.com* so kindly sent me a pair of amazing contacts to try out and review, which is a completely different haul to what you usually see me post! Welcome to my interest in costume makeup, clothing, jewellery and all that jazz! Spooky eyes* has such a large range of contact lenses that I was stumped picking a set to try! I've been browsing their website* and straight away I am attracted to the halloween lenses. HOWEVER, they also have lenses themed for christmas and more natural colours.  
So you can see the contact lenses colour once applied to my eye, I have taken photographs where I am wearing just the one so you can properly see how the lens affects the green tone of my eye.   

The contacts I am wearing are the funky violet* because I thought if I'm going for colour, I want them to stand out! They have such a large range of each colour which I found was awesome, meaning you can get every shade and tone of violet (link here to the violet sectionConsidering this was the first time I have ever worn contacts, I don't think there was any simple way for me to get them into my eyes. I had to force my eyes open and after alot of fumbling managed to get them on, but this was down to myself and my eyes rather than anything to do with the contact lenses. They pained me for a second whilst they were in, but after perhaps 5 minutes they became comfortable. They easily moved on my eye to sit upon my iris and I found the colour was incredibly solid so you couldn't see my original colour underneath. 

I didn't like to wear them for too long purely because I was new to the whole experience, but it had nothing to do with the lenses because they were still comfortable a few hours after I had put them in. 

One aspect I didn't like is the location of the instructions, which are on the inside of the box and are so hard to read without ripping it all completely open. This could be easier to read if it is printed on paper and put inside the box with the contact packets!

Another section I loved was the amount of witchy* contacts which I will definitely be trying out this Halloween!

Thankyou for reading & I hope you enjoyed this different type of post!