Whats in my bag! | lifestyle & Products

4 Mar 2015

The what's in my  bag post is perhaps one of the biggest trends of the blogging world, but I have been meaning to do this for a while! Considering I'm an art student, I rarely have any of my art supplies with me in this day to day handbag. If anyone would like to see what I keep in my university/art bag please leave a comment! I purchased this handbag from next before Christmas, it also has a strap to make it a satchel type thang. I have an enormous habit of keeping junk in my bag, especially lip sticks that I've worn over the weeks. To save you from the boring items such as earphones or pieces of note paper, here are a few products I keep in my bag for my days.  

// LIPSTICKS // Mac ruby red & A brown shade

// LIP BALMS// Both baby lips

//GLASSES// Ralph Lauren

//PURSE// Vans

//SUNGLASSES// Both from Primark, circle black glasses £1 & Nude cat eye £2

//KEYS// Well..they are keys, feat my lego superman

/JUNK// Nude nail varnish, Topshop mirror, Brush & Dove hand lotion

//NOTEBOOK// Kathy Kidston 

//MOISTURISER// Nivea soft & creme 

//LIPSTICKS// Jesus I have more lipstick?! Rimmel London nude, Mac purple shade

//GLOVES// Due to the cold weather, leather gloves from Next £10

//JEWELLERY// Also a large amount, most from ebay, blood moon jewellery or Urban cult