Styling Blue Vanilla & Grains tee | Casual Fashion

2 Apr 2015

Hello Ello! For today's post I thought I would share with you a piece of must have clothing that was sent to me by Blue Vanilla * , which is currently having a 50% off Spring sale! Once receiving the skirt I started to wonder why I didn't have a statement polka dot piece already. It really is one of those items that you can dress either up or down, which I will be showing you in this two part installment post. 
Blue Vanilla are a brand that keep up with the latest trends and they are eve on the bringing back the 70's train that is rolling in full speed! Their 70's lookbook is available to view here* , which gives me so much inspiration on how I can style similar pieces that I can't wait to bring out in warmer weather. 

This polka dot check pleated skirt* is such a bargain at only £15! It comes in the most beautiful blue packaging, along with being such good quality. I have never had a mesh/sheer material skirt before but I love it! It feels sturdy yet looks floaty, which gives me the confidence that it won't go blowing up in the wind when I'm walking on one of my adventures. The mini skirt has an elastic waist line so if you're just a little bigger than small you'll still be able to wear it comfortably (that is considering you buy a small). My favourite feature is the shorts lining inside which I HAVE NEVER had before but all skirts should do the same! It makes me feel so much better about wearing a mini skirt and not having to worry about exposing any parts of me accidentally. 

To dress down the look to make it casual I have paired it with my boyfriends band t-shirt, just because I have been wearing it to death for comfort. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the second installment of dressing the skirt up & thankyou for reading.