Blue Vanilla Bodycon all over Print Dress | Fashion

12 Jun 2015

Hello hello! I feel like it has been forever since I last posted, when realistically it has only been a couple of weeks. Heading out to Greece for the week with my best friends has really thrown everything around because I'm still finding it hard to settle back into my ordinary routine. Do you feel me? I have work and mountains of lists of things that need doing and this is on the very top of a.s.a.p need to do! So hello guys, I am back and hoping to step up my game on heartshapedbones.

I have been so excited to share this outfit post with you because it is with perhaps one of my favourite online stores at the moment *Blue Vanilla. If you remember I posted two outfits showing how to dress up and down a skirt which was sent to me by Blue Vanilla and  they have so kindly done it again and sent me this awesome *bodycon dress. Blue Vanilla is a British fashion label that gives women beautiful but modern clothing which is keeping up with the latest trends. What I love about the clothing they have to offer is how feminine and casual it is, as if you can lay back and still look fab. 

I was so happy to receive this dress because not only is it straight up my alley with its monochrome theme, but it matches my new dark hair perfectly. If you haven't already noticed or seen myself on my social media accounts such as Instagram, I've had a massive change of hair from pink to black. It's a long painful story. Anyway! The all over print is so surreal in the sense of being fun and loud, you would be crowding the dress by adding any jewelry so maybe add just a few rings or a choker necklace. The material is so soft and surprisingly not heavy in the slightest, despite the woolen risen texture of the dress.  It's not tight for a bodycon which is good, I've ate like a pig the whole time being on holiday so it was nice to still be able to fit into the dress without having to suck in my holiday gut! 

If dressed down I would go with a kimono and some sandals, or as I have in these photographs dress it up with a big floppy sun hat and chunky boots! Another aspect of *Blue Vanilla that I love is the 70's trend they have jumped on board with. If you are interested in this style definitely check out their lookbook *here* ! All items seen are available on their website.