31 Oct 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! This past week I have been incredibly busy with university/work, so to bring out a number of Halloween related posts which I wanted to do was really hard. I feel as if I've let myself down, but then again I have a gothy style away from the annual event so it wont be any different than my usual content (hint I have a cool American Horror Story style lookbook planned). Even though I have a Saturday night off work I'm still a busy bee, but whilst getting on with my commission work, I've also binged watched a number of my favourite Halloween films this evening. I'm pretty sure I watch this combination of films every Halloween or atleast October time, so I thought (hoped) it would be interesting for you to see what makes my perfect Halloween film night in!


Scream is an absolute classic, the first being by far the best and despite me liking the series, it doesn't compare to this beauty of a movie. For those who have not seen it, Scream is a movie of a serial killer stalking a high school girl named Sydney and her group of friends. The movie starts straight into the horror of one of the group's friends being savagely murdered, the killer playing with the victims over the phone, starting the famous 'wanna watch a scary movie?'. Scream is great for anyone who is new to the film, you will point the finger at anyone right to the very end. When it comes to the horror genre I prefer the paranormal and the spooky, this literally being the only slasher movie I like. Any blood and I'm usually out of there, so if you feel the same you'll definitely stay around watching for the mystery.


The craft was the film to transition me out of the children films this evening into something with a little more bite, dark tones changing this film from a girl moving to a new town, to fighting off a psychotic group of witches. Featuring Neve Campball who is also our lead lady in Scream, this film is the perfect 90's film for bad ass witch girl power. The craft followers the life of a girl named Sarah, moving to a new town with her family she knows she is different but only starts to understand what she is when she meets a group of girls at school. Lead by a character named Nancy, the girls start to practice magic but everything takes a turn for the worst when Sarah tries to leave for her own safety. High school witches are bad news and if you're not in the coven, you're an enemy. 


Yes, I am a twenty one year old woman who happily sat and not only watched this one Halloween town movie, but the  two that came before. What can I say, I've had an eventual day NOT! So I had put the first one on because who doesn't love the classic 1998 Halloween town, it took me straight back to being a kid wishing my Grandma came to our house only to tell me I was a witch in training, almost like Sabrina!...I know wish I had watched Sabrina the teenage witch. I then watched the second film in the background because I wanted to refresh what happened to the Cromwells, only then remembering there was like two other films, Halloween town High and Return to Halloween town! Summary, Halloween town High follows on straight from film 2 as Marnie helps Halloween town save the day and wants to open up the two worlds by allowing monster kids into school back in the human world. The film introduces new characters as we see the monster kids trying to live in the human world, whilst Marnie deals with being a teenager and a Cromwell witch. Such a nice easy Disney Channel original film to watch and I'm not even ashamed. 


Another classic we all know and love, Edward Scissorhands shows us a young Johnny Depp falling in love with a beautiful Winona Ryder. In a traditional Tim Burton style, this film is the perfect romantic, dark fantasy. Edward is an unfinished creation with scissors for hands, taken in by a Suburban family. When Edward can't adapt to living a normal life, everything starts to go wrong and the people quickly turn on him and his love for the character Kim (Ryder). Again, this is a perfect film to put on in the background or to curl up cosy in bed to simply enjoy. Some could argue it's definitely more of a Christmas film as it takes place right around the holidays, but with its dark undertones I though (as well as the television companies) it was perfect for my Halloween marathon. 


Last BUT NOT LEAST, Hocus Pocus is my absolute favourite Halloween movie of all time and was the first film on my list for my marathon today. I can watch it at any time of the year contently quoting my little heart out, but it was the perfect choice to get myself in the witching mood. The film falls on Halloween as Max and his little sister Dani go trick or treating, meeting a girl from school named Alison. The three explore the famous Sanderson sister's cottage to only awaken them by lighting the black flame candle. The three Sanderson sisters are by far my favourite witches in the movie world, being down right evil wanting to suck the lives out of little children but also being sassy as sass comes. Thankyou Disney for making such a film, it gives us lovely characters like Billy and even sad tales such as Zachary Binks!

If you've also chosen the staying in life for your Halloween night, what have you decided to watch? Let me know some of your favourite Halloween films because you'll be giving me some ideas on what to watch to ease me further into the horror category.