22 Oct 2015

Hello Chaps! I am so excited to share with you this incredibly cool Star War's package Internet Gift Store* so kindly sent me! Internet Gift store* are a online store that focus on providing customers with excellent service and offer a serious wide range of awesome products. They work with top brands such as Disney, Yankee Candle, Ted Baker, Etc, offering gifts to suit anyone for every occasion.
I won't lie, I was ECSTATIC to open this package when it came! The second I saw the Star Wars label I instantly turned into the film geek I truly am inside.    

The Darth Vader Mood Light* is perfect for any Star Wars fan and a great gift for a brother or boyfriend(who may I add is incredibly jealous and has stolen it for his own bedside table), the product itself coming in two different sizes to fit with your personal space. I think both are a great value for money, this larger mood light only being £32.99 which I think for official Star Wars merch is an absolute bargain. All you need is batteries which easily fit into the bottom. Within the product box is a screwdriver to help you with taking the bottom off to fit in the batteries, which I thought was good because if you're no DIY girl like myself, you won't have a screwdriver in your house. 
One thing I will say is the red light coming from inside Darth isn't that bright, like mood lights I have owned in the past, this one doesn't light up the room in red. However as a novelty Darth Vader head it's great! 

Excited over how good this Star Wars product was, I took to browsing Internet Gift Store* to see what other goodies they store had to offer. I know this is from the kids section but I am in love with this R2D2 'Soda cup'* , with screw on lid feature it's perfect for taking to the gym or on my way to work. At £6.99 you cannot go wrong. Another children's product at the same price which I thought was cool, is this Stormtrooper Lunchbox* which I might just buy now ready for when I do have a child. Who am I kidding, I'd use it for myself which would encourage me to take a pack up to work and save money!  

Another great feature of the store is if you order over £35 then you automatically get free delivery, but at the moment they are offering free delivery to anywhere in the UK for a limited time only! Definitely check them out, their Star Wars line couldn't of come at a more perfect time with the new film release less than a few months away.  

(This is the light coming from the mood light in the pitch black)

Thankyou for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed the read and don't forget to check out Internet Gift Store*