Corset Story Review : Overbust instant shape corset | Fashion & Lifestyle

18 Nov 2015

Today I am super excited to share with you an amazing online store named Corset Story, as you've probably guested it a brand who specialize in vintage/steam punk pieces! Mostly corsets but they also offer timely pieces such as vintage dresses and steam punk styled blouses, shoes, etc (just check out these boots like ooooooh my gosh!) I was about to write some of you may know, but literally only two of my friends may know how much I have  wanted to get into the corset training scene. When I say scene I don't mean I'm doing it to fit into a crowd, I mean when I see absolutely beautiful ALT models dressed all vintage, wearing gorgeous corsets, it makes me want one so I can feel all nice and vintage. I've always wanted to train my waist so I could have what in my opinion I think is the perfect hour glass figure. The corsets I see ladies on Instagram rocking are so beautiful that how can you not feel like a queen wearing one?

Corset story so kindly got in touch and offered me the opportunity to style one of their pieces,
sending me this classic, Gothic, instant shape overbust corset*. I am in love. 

This corset* is the perfect burlesque style corset with lace and beads, I nearly died in sheer happiness at how beautiful it is. It's me in a nut shell! I went for an instant shape because admittedly I can be lazy, I would need some real commitment and dedication to wearing a corset long enough to actually train my waist smaller. It's something I am working on though, but at least with wearing this corset just once it gives you that 'one size down' appearance straight away. I love the way it makes my waist look and gives me the feeling of ultimate femininity. I feel like such a woman! I decided to dress it with a simple black pencil skirt which follows on the vintage theme of my look, red lipstick and if I had thought a little harder I would of put my hair up in pin curls! 

I'm quite the newbie when lacing up a corset because I've never tried one on, so it took me a while of fiddling and hooking. Once all tied in the corset felt so comfortable and I noticed the different in the way my waist appeared straight away! What I think is great about the instant shape corsets is you don't have to have them on that tight to get the effect you are wanting.  

Corset story are also offering the amazing sale of buy one get one free, maybe the perfect time for you to purchase an overbust and underbust if you're wanting to jump on the waist training band wagon! I certainly will be on payday. The prices range from an amazing £49 for corsets to vintage dresses over £100, so theres something for everyones price range. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and once again thankyou so much corset story for sending me such a beautiful corset!