29 Nov 2015

Hello guys! Hope you've all had a fab lazy Sunday lounging around watching films, I'm writing this post quite late but it's really not been my day at all. However I love writing a late night Sunday post whilst I cuddle up with tea, so please enjoy another foodie 'date night' review. Pavement Vaults has been on an absolute hype around the bars in York because it's our newly opened craft beer/smoke house restaurant, literally opening up its door at the beginning of this week. We went on it's second night of being open because it's all we've been hearing about, so it was time to test the goods!

Joel's dad was coming up to see us both so we thought we'd try somewhere different, Paul recently trying out being a vegetarian so we went in a little on the fence of what their menu would offer. The restaurant was booming with all seats in the front bar being taken, but it wasn't too busy to be uncomfortable. So many welcoming faces behind the bar and who I can only assume was the restaurants manager came to seat us in back, where they served food. He informed us that it would take around 20 minutes for our order to be taken even though there was only a few people eating at this point (It wasn't too late on in the evening) which I think is understandable, it was their second night of being open so I bet they were getting their footing on what they could handle. He took our drinks order, Joel and his dad going with Ales, I went with Thistly Cross cider because it is my ultimate favorite! I'm so happy they have it on draft. I will say that drinks are more on the pricier side where as the food was good value for what we were getting, but again, we expected this with it being a craft beer restaurant! 

Joel opted for the ribs with added smoked lamb shoulder to his fries, the sauce smelling so good I couldn't wait to dig into my piece of rib. Like any bloke when I asked him if we liked his meal he said yeah it was good, he ate the whole thing and didn't leave a chip so good signs! Paul (Joel's dad) went for an eggplant burger (they also had mac and cheese for the vegetarians or pizza) which I thought was really different from what is usually on the menu for vegetarians.
For myself I went with a rib piece which was so smokey I nearly died of happiness. It was chewy in a good way and the sauce was rich, there being more than enough amount of meat for me but I refused to let any of it go to waste! I added lamb shoulder to my fries which were perfect. With our meals we also got homemade slaw which all together I'm not a fan of, but having a nibble it did taste good. I also really liked how you could see the cheifs making your food with an open window allowing you to see in from where you were sitting. Once they started cooking the smell of a smoke house just made me overly excited about food. 

For the 3 of us our total bill came to around £50 which I think is amazing! That's under £20 each for food along with added sides AND the drinks we had, which alone were over £4 each. Despite it all being new and the staff getting the feel for their job, I thought the service was incredibly officiant and I felt so welcomed. On my travels to the ladies I went down a spiral staircase which I wish I had got snaps of, leading you downstairs to a dark sector filled with booths lit by small lamps and candles! I would love to have a drink down there, almost making you forget the world upstairs because York can be such a bustling cities most of the time.  

Have you been to the Pavement Vaults? What did you get? Let me know if you've been anywhere awesome for food in York so I can force Joel to come with me to try somewhere new!

Thankyou for reading