16 Nov 2015

Hello guys! I really enjoyed sharing my last 'date night' experience with you so I thought I would do it again, this time taking you to a Caribbean influenced restaurant called Turtle Bay!

To some Turtle Bay might be a really popular restaurant in their city so this post might not showcase a different type of food at all but I hope you still like it. York seems to have very samey selection of restaurants with the odd unique food & bar, but for a chain the newly opened Turtle Bay is fantastic! Opening a couple of months ago, it's been on mine and Joel's to eat list since hearing good referrals left, right and center! There isn't anything like Turtle Bay in York, so when our weekly date night came around we both knew where we wanted to go. 

The restaurant itself is absolutely massive, the decor being extremely Caribbean as they also played Reggae music around the bar. There was so many different areas to sit, in booths, big tables on a raised floor to the side, stools around the bar if you wanted a more casual quick snack and small tables dotted around the main floor area. Even though there was only two of us we were seated at a big table to the side where it was more quiet, which I loved because it meant more space on the table in case we wanted to get a number of sides. 

Very unlike us two we didn't look at starters and went straight into getting main meals, both going for different types of food. Joel went for a grill jerk spiced Goat burger which I thought was very spicy, with sweet onion chutney, sweet plantain, Caribbean slaw and skinny fries. He rated it 7/10 because hes not a burger guy but really enjoyed something different like a goat meat. I went for the mo' bay chicken which is chicken in a creamy jerk spiced sauce with plantain and sweet potato fries. It wasn't spicy at all and the sauce was so flavor full whilst being so creamy. It was a perfect amount of food with the sweet potato but I literally could of ate a bucket full of the chicken. It was gorgeous!
Along with goat meat, a new thing I tried was plantain which to my knowledge is pretty much just cooked banana. It was warm and mussy which was weirdly satisfying to chomp on. 

Enjoy some happy selfies from Joel, when asked if he could take some snaps of me he decided to spam my camera with his cheeky face. Isn't he adorable...
Turtle Bay also have an awesome drinks menu alcoholic and non alcoholic, which on our second time round at the restaurant we actually tried out! Watermelon flavored pink lemonade mmmm my favourite. From browsing the menu they also have some pretty nice sounding deserts, which I may have to take full advantage of the next time we pop out for food. 

At the moment Turtle Bay are also taking bookings for Christmas which you can check out here, which I think would be so cool! A Caribbean styled Christmas, if you have a Turtle Bay in your area and no plans for the festive meal times maybe check it out.

Thankyou for reading guys I hope you enjoyed this foodie date night post! Have you been anywhere recently for food that you loved? I'd love to read so definitely leave me loads of food related comments!