8 Nov 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're all having a lazy time, fun fact whilst writing this post one of the rats has climbed deep into the gas fire place and won't come out :)))) This is the type of shit I deal with on my Sunday. 
Anyway, lately with my blog I have been introducing foodie posts such as 'date night' where I share with you guys my experience of restaurants and the food I eat there. SO, when Graze* gave me the opportunity to try out one of their graze - Variety Box's* I jumped at the chance to try out some new foodie goodness! For y'all who haven't heard of Graze, they are a healthy snack subscription service that offer over 100 handcrafted snacks that promote feel good whilst snacking. The packaging itself is eco friendly and recyclable, which looks hella cute so I may myself up cycle it into something else like material to collage with!  What I love about the website is the ability to personalize your snacks, there being a number of options you can choose for your box so that the team at Graze* can make you perfect snacks that suit you and your dietary needs.
For example I have an intolerance to nuts and I am a fussy eater, so I had the option of telling the team I don't want nuts, raisins, anything with seeds, etc.     

I received a 4 snack trial box which if you are gifted with a promo code (Graze are constantly giving these out in magazines,vouchers, etc) you normally get this trial box free with your first order. Graze sends you four of their top rated, absolutely yummy snacks from looking into your personalised profile of snacks you like and don't like. You literally scroll down their website of popular snacks clicking buttons to say if you would like them or not, then the team gather this information to send you a surprise combination of snacks for you to try! It's wonderful, you get that opening presents at Christmas feeling whilst knowing you're definitely going to like what food is inside. 


I didn't know if I liked flapjacks or not because it's something I've never really had before, but I love orange chocolate and Jaffa cakes, so these were the first snack I ripped open. I worried they would be overly oaty but I barely noticed the texture and loved the orange flavor. It was so chewy that just one small portion was perfect, the other two saved for later to snack on with my cup of tea. If you're a lover of orange chocolate flavor I definitely recommend adding these to your box. 


I LOVE dark chocolate so when I opened these Belgian dark chocolate buttons I practically shoved them all into my face at once. It's so rich and the scent of dark chocolate hits you the second the packet is opened mmmm. I not huge on Cranberries or dried up fruit for that matter so I left them alone, the texture is too much for me. I gave the pumpkin seeds a little nibble and with no flavor I found they went perfect chomping on a few whilst also eating the chocolate button. 


Again, another snack I would never expect to like but once trying the snack out I loved the combination of an oaty biscuit and caramelised onion!  It tasted just like cheese & onion crisps and when Joel came home he had a little nibble. Despite my hesitation with the texture of oat biscuits, I could happily sit and eat this snack if it came in a bigger portion. 


From looking at snacks on the website I was hoping I would be sent some popcorn to try, especially since I get a weird enjoyment out of popping your own candy in the microwave. They give you clear instructions on the back to make sure you cook them just right (unfortunately I left mine in a little too long and burnt some :() The popcorn is the perfect level of slightly sweet so you feel as if you're eating a healthy snack rather than having your popcorn lathered in butter and sugar. I'm so thoroughly happy with what I received in my box!   

This is where things get interesting! Graze have given me the opportunity to work with them and earn a small percentage by giving you guys an amazing offer of getting your first variety graze box for only £2!!! and your next box free. To receive this offer all you have to do is follow this link to the website >> HERE << which automatically inputs the promo code for you and gives you the deal. You can also click the Graze banner in my sidebar to get the EtailPR offer too. 

I also have two £5 vouchers to share with you lovely people, so if you guys would like to have one of them just leave a lovely comment below telling me which snacks you would love to try & I'll pick two people at random in 2 weeks time. 

I have also filmed an unboxing video over on my channel where I try the snacks too