my experience so far of being a blogger

13 Nov 2015

Hello everybody! Hope you're all having a good week. Friday is here so for anyone who doesn't work in a bar on weekends like myself, you lucky devils the weekend starts after work for you! I miss the days where I finished college or school and I had the weekend to mess around with, now being an adult even if I'm not at work, I'm still doing something like house errands ew. 
I started Heartshapedbones at the beginning of the year, my hair transformation inspiring me to start a youtube channel and a new blog to document things like life choices, fashion, hair, etc. It isn't my one year anniversary or anything (under two months to go!) but I felt inspired to do a post like this after picking up on a bunch of stuff happening to me over and over. I kind of sat back and thought wow, this is what it feels like to be a blogger.
When you put serious effort into your blog and the content you produce, you're taking it to a whole different level then just posting your thoughts and feelings on stuff that interests you. Everything I write about interests me, but despite it being really enjoyable, blogging can also be hard at times. 

1. Periods of creative block 
I am constantly having weeks where I want to produce content but I literally have no ideas on what to write, and it's never as easy as just posting up an outfit of the day post. I don't think people realise how much preparation you need to write a blog post.
If you're writing for fashion or wanting to make a lookbook post, you need to arrange a day with good lighting, when the weathers good and you have good new outfits to take photographs of. To be honest the outfits don't even have to be new, I am constantly rearranging my style of outfits and sharing them with you guys. Taking photographs for a post can really take up alot of your day, because next you need to sit down, go through them all and edit. Editing can be the most tedious thing. I keep trying to remind myself to have posts all ready drafted to schedule for weeks when I am too busy or for when I have a creative block, but that means spending a full day writing and writing out planned posts. 

2. Commitment to a brand 
Ok, so this one is a little more personal. Bloggers you will know, but for anyone who doesn't know where bloggers get products sent to them from, there are websites you sign up to, to apply for campaigns/brands to receive products. Simples! On the websites I work with it's all based on your follower count, so the more popular your blog, the more likely you are to work with bigger brands lalala etc. You fill out all you need to do, select products you would be interested in reviewing and if you're lucky enough to receive them, you usually have a deadline to which you need to of posted your content by. This I never have a problem with, just lately I've been having a problem with the level of commitment you take on from promoting these brands. One for example is the yub, right at the beginning of this year I was contacted by the yub who sent me some products to review. I made a video for my channel showing how the app works and the clothes I received, they sent me them for free and because it was coming from somewhere like China it did take a couple of weeks but I was in no demand for them. To this day possibly 8 or 9 months later I still get comments on my videos complaining that packages haven't arrived, the products are crap, the website is crap the delivery time is too long! It makes my head burst right off my shoulders. I've started to release that one you promote a brand, people just assume you work for them. I even received an email of someone asking me if a certain time period of waiting was normal, but considering they sent me a free product one, I have no clue. It makes me want to take the video and posts down. I'm committed to all brands that I have worked with, but let me make it clear I am a blogger who reviews the products, I do not work for the company.   

3. It can be a lot of work for just a hobby 
Blogging isn't my full time job and sometimes I kick myself for spending hours writing a blog post instead of doing my university work. Even though I love to write posts and take photographs, I do put a tone of pressure on myself for something that is just a hobby. I worry that people are going to care if I don't upload a post in a week or if I miss my upload day on youtube that everyone will immediately stop following me. Don't get me wrong it's not all about the followers and the numbers, I'm appreciative to anyone who follows my blog, channel, instagram, so why do I get so stressy about uploading? 

4. Websites
Before Heartshapedbones I had a fashion blog that before the whole university thing happened, everyday I managed to posted outfit looks on. I did my own thing and never really dived into the world of blogging, which with this blog I have done from day one. I never released to receive products to review you had to sign up to websites, so when I did my research and found  these wonderful platforms, I felt like an actual blogger! I love the products I get spent and only apply/make content on products I would generally buy myself if I hadn't of had the opportunity to be sent them. 

5. Emails from brands will come randomly
I find that some of the best opportunities I have been given have come at random. I've woken up one morning to a brand emailing me to try out their product or choose items on their website using up to a specific amount, and I'm always left wondering 'how did they get my email?'. The more blogging platforms you use the more chances you have of showcasing yourself, is a fab website to upload your fashion looks to and a lot of the time brands do tell me that is where they have seen me. 

6. You blog alone
From the internet I see some of my favourite bloggers with other bloggers and think o wow thats great I bet they hang out all the time, as I sit inside on my own blogging about the latest product I was sent. Blogging can be lonely when you're new and getting yourself going, my friends are encouraging but I don't think any of them would be willing to go on camera. I haven't met a single blogger who lives in York too since I started up heartshapedbones (not that I've ever met any other bloggers anyway) but I think it would be nice to just have someone I could see and who is also doing the exact same thing as me. A fashion shoot buddy wanted please!

7. Making the time
Similar to my it's not just a hobby point, but when you want to stay active online you need to be making time dedicated to blogging. Whether it's posting content, editing photos or going out to take those photos, they aren't just going to magically appear. I have university, a part time job in a bar and I also have an online store, so some days I wake up and get all my blogging plans out of the way before I go to university, so I can then go to work with my to do list a little lighter.  

8. It is easier to do photo shoots in bulk
This applies to editing too, it's so much easier to edit a bunch of photographs so you can simply schedule them to be posted through out the week. When doing your shoot just take a couple of outfits to change into! If you do your shoots in your garden or familiar places (like myself) then it's so easy to just dive into the house, get changed and come back out to photograph a new look. I really want to start taking photos in different scenes within the city, but again that means I need a photography buddy that isn't my boyfriend. 

9. Being a youtuber in winter is crap!
You literally have to wake up the second light hits your face so you can film anything in winter, the day is cut short at around 4pm now so bye bye lighting! I use natural light to film my videos so when it comes to the colder months, I either film in the morning or I don't have any content to give you guys. This can be very hard when I'm at uni full time and have work. Just be prepared, if you want to start making videos maybe (most definitely) invest in some studio lights, I've wanted one for over a year but when spring brought longer days I just put off the idea because hey, natural light is free.   

10. Negative comments
I am the worst dealing with negative comments so when putting my life not only on my blog but youtube,  I was sadly prepared for those comments no one wants. Surprisingly I've had no negative comments on either platforms so thats great! I do get the odd one on Instagram, but that was happening way before I became a blogger. People feed off being cruel and it's a crying shame, especially when someone like me can't laugh it off or forget that a random stranger insulted me. Thankfully my followers are so nice and give me really encouraging comments on youtube, it makes me so happy to reply to when everyone is giving such good feedback! People feel apart of your life which can be good and bad. 

Thankyou for reading guys I hope you enjoyed this post and have an absolutely lovely weekend! For all those bloggers out there, what are lessons you have learnt? Any tips for me?