My Tattoo Collection | Youtube Channel Content

29 Jan 2016

Hey guys, I'm getting back into the swing of things with my Youtube channel and with my new camera allowing me to film better quality videos, I've been inspired to step up my game to make better content too! This subject is something I have a very deep passion into and it felt strange to not adapt it into my blogging, the tattoo world being such an inspiration into my artwork. I have a couple of tattoos, two hand sized pieces and a half leg piece, all I love and so I decided to make a video on my experience/collection of tattoos
that I have up till now. Recently I've started working on designs to fill up my left arm into a sleeve starting with the cobweb on my shoulder, so tattoo content is going to be a recurring theme on my channel this year. Expect alot of day in life vlogs where I get tattood! For now though I decided to film this video just to roll through my tattoos and what they mean to me, why I got  them, the pain, all the answers people ask questions to.