18 Jan 2016

With the brief pause of stress from university and the rain finally stopping I was more than excited to get back into shooting for more outfit posts! A number of good things happened in one day, I handed in my dissertation, I ordered a huge bunch of sale items from boohoo which came that day, my hair agreed with me for once AND I found an old woolen crop top that I bought for the winter months. 

Crop top Zara \\ A-line skirt Urban Outfitters  \\ Black denim jacket Boohoo \\ Suede boots Boohoo 

 The photos I took all seemed to come out with a blue tint to them, which sums up how cold the weather is up here in North England! I ordered a few bits from boohoo which if I do say so have some amazing bits in the sale section. I've been browsing through online stores finding nothing that has taken my fancy, so I was dead chuffed getting a bunch of items for less than £50! (expect to see them all in outfit posts through out January). One item I didn't find in the sale but did on Ebay was this black denim jacket, which I have been wanting for pretty much years. It may look blue but don't be fooled, it's definitely black. I have a few levi denim jackets but with wearing so much black I wanted a jacket to match which wasn't leather, so at only £10!!! I found this banger on Ebay which was originally from boohoo. 

Underneath I styled a woolen crop top that I bought ages ago in the sales from Zara, putting it away in my wardrobe for when winter came around again and only just remembered! How silly of me. Normally I would style this with some high waist jeans, but wearing my Aline skirt on my waist I thought it looked okay. Wearing it through the day I found that taking the jacket off and adding boots, it dressed the look up but I could easily dress it down with adding the jacket back and putting on flats. The sky clearing up has given me slight hope that the weather can only get better, but with no doubt it's always bad around my birthday and were not even in February yet.

Have you found anything amazing in the January sales? Leave me some comments on any cool pieces you've found or just leave me a comment! Thankyou for reading guys