3 Feb 2016

Hello there friends! This week started hungover but I'm happy to say I bounced right back! I'm feeling immensely productive in all aspects of life as of late, university is going great and the content I've filmed for my channel in my own vision is a step up. Now that leaves me blog, and I want to start putting out some content closer to home. My loves, interests and opinions will start to create a domain in which I feel shows myself more, not just popular ideas that are floating around the internet with all bloggers jumping on them. I guess in a way a popular topic to speak about makes a blog relevant, but on my blog I want to address issues/content that makes me, well, me. 

I've been racking me brain on how to dress these ripped jeans, purely because every time I want to wear them out I feel that they look poop with the combination of clothing I have been pairing them with. They're comfy yes and I am all about the comfort, but I wanted to make them look fancy, the answer being just to layer them with a lot of black. I bought them in the summer last year and found they look awesome with a crop top, in winter I have dressed them with a loose jumper to create a layered look. They were around £20 from boohoo.com, possibly my favourite website for jeans. 

Another purchase that I made which has been sat in my closet till I figured out how to style them was these cool ass laced heels from Public Desire! They were around £17 which I thought was such a bargain, I had wanted a pair of boots with the laced up feature for so long. They have a zip up the middles of the suede materials, so the laces can remain untouched because I can imagine them being a pain to untie and retie. The jumper I have added to this look is one of my favourites bought about three years ago, so the answer to how I could style these items lied with just being myself, using my go to pieces.

I bought these cool ass rings from Primark the other day and have been wearing them ever since! The middle ring is actually from an independent store called Black moon Jewellery, or you can find similar pieces on websites such as Empty Casket.  

HAT // Missguided JUMPER // NEXT JEANS // Boohoo HEELS // Public Desire NECKLACE // Bloodmoon Jewellery RINGS // Black moon Jewellery & Primark CROP TOP // Primark 

Thankyou for reading!