Date Night Food Review: Byron Hamburgers, York

27 May 2016

I'm happy to finally be getting around to posting another food review as I've had these photographs ready to go for so long! This year I finally decided to change my diet and go vegetarian, but so far as it's for health reasons I've gone with the rule 'vegetarian or healthy' which so far has made me feel so much better! I know going out for burgers isn't healthy but I have one cheat day a week because I'm only human god damn (a human trying to  be a better human gradually but date night offers me tasty naughty things). A couple of weeks ago Joel and I visited Byron for the first time which  is pride themselves with the slogan 'Proper Hamburgers'! 

Their meat is properly sourced British beef and their buns are made from their own recipes. One element I noticed in the restaurant and then later on their website is that Byron believe their meat taste best when cooked medium (my god they are so right). 

We started with a couple of drinks as when looking at the menu we realized they actually had a good selection including craft ales and milkshakes. Joel went for a Brewdog Dead Pony Club and I opted for a chocolate milkshake with an added shot of baileys. I'm not a huge drinker but as we were on our date night we decided to have a few and despite the milk shake being a full pint it wasn't too filling for our main course!

I never normally go for Beef burgers but seeing their menu I really wanted to try something different, so I went for the Smokey beef burger cooked medium, with sweet potato. In the burger you had the layer of beef (obviously) bacon, crispy fried onion, cheddar cheese, smoked chilli bbq sauce, pickles and shredded iceberg! There was definitely a kick to the bbq sauce but I must have the most sensitive tongue. The onion and bacon was such a nice touch. As for the sweet potato I must of wolfed the whole lot down in two seconds, the portion sizing was great!
Joel went for the Cheese Hamburger with added bacon, he wanted the American Monterey Jack sauce as you get to choose which cheese you have, but unfortunately when the food came it was the wrong sauce! I'm not sure which cheese he received instead but he ate it non the less and really enjoyed his burger. 
(I'm pretty sure with men you can just put food in front of them and they'll be happy non the less.)

Not only was the service amazing but the food was so lovely! There's so many burgers to choose from with the American bbq aesthetic in mind. For anyone who also lives in York Byron is also on Deliveroo! 

Have you ever been to Byron burger? let me know how your experience went, what you had, or just leave me anything down in the comments below! Thankyou so much for reading guys, a little short post but I've wanted to get this up for weeks now because this foodie experience was awesome.