Fathers Day Range Bloggers Event at Lush York

24 May 2016

I am incredibly excited to share this post with you guys because of course it's my favourite brand making another appearance on heartshapedbones, LUSH! I swear this blog might as well just be a fan page to Lush, which I wouldn't consider a bad thing at all. The lovely team over at the York branch kindly invited me over for another blogging event and this time it was to launch the new Fathers Day range! I would never think to pick up gifts for my Dad at Lush so I was incredibly intrigued to see what products were being produced and I can confirm its an absolute pleasant surprise! 

The night begun being welcomed by the lovely team and we ate Dad things like Pretzels and drank Ginger beer, which I have to say sums up a British Dad very well! The first thing I was attracted to was the Fathers day gift box set up, showcasing pretty much all of the range which made it incredibly easy as a customer to see what is on offer. The products in the gifts sets for Fathers day can also be bought individually, which allowed us to really see and try them all out! Straight off the bat one thing I really liked about the products for the Fathers day range was that they were gender neutral, none being too masculine or too feminine. Introducing such a thing as a bath bomb to a Dad can be a confusing at best (I speak from experience) and through scent Lush has smashed the ball out of the park with this range. One product smells like a chocolate orange biscuit! How can you not get more Dad then that?


Two of my favourite Fathers Day products is the SuperDad bath bomb with it's fizzy nature, sandalwood scent and the ModFather bubble bar which smells so strongly of Brazilian orange oil. Where SuperDad is specified for Fathers, the ModFather is a product that you could buy for yourself, it's gender neutral and I LOVE how it's made into the Mod logo that no doubt all our Dads rave on about. This is when I noticed a strong British Man theme being created with the Fathers Day range.  

We also sampled the Lava Lamp which I think is utterly perfect for the periodic theme which Lush has created. As the bomb touches the water it creates a psychedelic look, the purple touches recreating the floating lava you would see in a lamp! 


By far this has to be my favourite product of the bunch, Thanks Dad smelling like an actual orange digestive biscuit. I think the one thing you can rely on Dads to use in the bath is definitely a bar of soap, so to create something this interesting which is a must have for your bath is perfect! The bar is in the shape of a building block with the word 'Dad' being spelled on each side. 


One huge element in the products at the moment is Sandalwood, entwining with the Fathers Day range but also being a whole project in itself at Lush. As part of the blogging event we had a little fun and went on a Sandalwood adventure around the store, picking out products which had Sandalwood in and I swear, it was everywhere. I always assumed Sandalwood just smelt woody, but it's in a bunch of my favourite products that I wouldn't of even guessed! With these products Lush want to take you on a Sandalwood smugglers journey, whilst bringing an awareness to the illegal production of Sandalwood.  

Two products that we discussed with the team are the Smugglers Soul range, the facial scrub having the smokey element of Sandalwood and has become my favourite exfoliator to use. The multipurpose cream however is completely different, where still having a small touch of that smokey smell, it contains fresh cucumber to bring you that refreshed feeling!   


This area of Lush is a new one for me, I have never used any of their products on my hair but I was aware that you could get bottle shampoos, etc, BUT SHAMPOO BARS?! The team had my full attention as we were shown the new Smugglers Soul Shampoo, another product that opens my eyes to Sandalwood as you get such a strong smokey smell to the bar. The idea is to either foam it up on your hand and rub into your hair like you would shampoo, or simply get it wet to run across your hair! So simple, I cannot wait to try this product as I can imagine it will make washing your hair 100% times easier. 

I love how strongly the campaign on Sandalwood has featured in the Fathers Day range! I personally love the woody smell and think more Men will be attracted to the products with this element, rather than a fruity/sweet scent that I am always going for with bombs. There are also a number of gift sets for our Dads which I think are perfect to introduce our Fathers to Lush, some bringing the Sandalwood Smugglers journey to life and others like the Super Dad gift set to bring our Dad's past back to life. They use the mod logo and 60's pattern for wrapping paper which I think is fabulous. 

I actually won the Wash on the wild side gift set which I think is amazing, it's purpose is to take you on the adventure of a Sandalwood smuggler. It contains products that represent a beach, you have the ocean bath bomb, the shower gel for the scent of the beach and the Smugglers soul shampoo to get the woody smell of the smuggler! It's perfect (watch out Dad this is what you're getting for Fathers day).

I want to thank the absolute fabulous team over at Lush York for inviting me to the blogging event and showing me the fantastic ways of Sandalwood! I definitely recommend having a pop into your local Lush and checking out the two ranges, our Dads will love it!