My Current 5 Favourite Pieces // Fashion lookbook

19 May 2016

Hello lovely people, I have some exciting news! I FINALLY FINISHED UNIVERSITY! Yes, that's three years done meaning goodbye nineteen/twenty years of education, you'll be so missed....yeah. I'm thrilled to finally be able to move forward in the next stage of my life, so expect regular content about fashion, art, things in my life (no doubt endless photos of my rats, food and bathbombs) but I also plan to start blogging on things I've always wanted to. I have big plans for myself which could be a whole post in its self, so let me put that to bed and get on with this one! 

Now that I don't have any university work to worry about and get in the way of this platform, I thought what not better to throw myself back into the lookbook game them showcasing some of my favourite pieces of May! That could be an idea in itself, showing my favourite outfits each month, just let me know if that is something you would like to see! 
 I was recently inspired by Social Print Studio to create a lookbook of my current favourite looks. With their digital photo books, you are able to bring all your favourite looks to life. Having your photographs in physical form is a great thing to haveI thought five was a good number so I put together a number of outfits which show off my favourite pieces.

The Skirt. 
A-line skirts are no where near a new fashion item, but I really think they are a must have because especially with being high waisted they give any body shape that beautiful curve! From small to larger ladies A-line skirts work with your body, also screaming 60's fashion which is pretty big at the moment. I bought this skirt from H&M to add to the collection of button down skirts that I have (I'm terrible someone stop me) and I possibly just bought it for the colour. Sizes in H&m are quite small so even for me this small is a squeeze, but really fits my waist size perfectly, its that bum of mine that's doing me no favors. Buying baby blue straight away made me want to pair it with white, so fitting with the 60's style I added a high neck t-shirt and some swede pointy boots.

The Trousers.
I'm absolutely mad for culottes at the moment and with me being so short I was worried, but I just took the plunge and found this perfect piece from Boohoo. High waisted, they have a tie feature which is great for bringing in your waist. I think what I love about anything high waisted is the possibility of creating curves where I don't have any. These culottes are super comfy which is what makes them my favourite, black as usual but they also come in a beautiful red wine colour if you're wanting something a little brighter for summer. As someone that has tattoos on her legs I also love how this pair comes just higher than my ankle, you can see part of my tattoo which I love because it means I get to show it off a little.

The Bag.
This may possibly be my favourite bag of all time. Such a spacious beach bag and it was only £20!!! Despite the amount of black I wear I think this bag sums up my style so well, it's looks as if I've skinned a mermaid and created a god of a bag. It adds that BAM to my outfits when I pile on the black which I love and it even opens up conversations when I'm out and about which  I do love. It breaks that awkward 'how do I start this conversation' when someone just compliments my bag, so I've started to take it everywhere.

The Top.
Past styles really have been making a huge comeback lately and no one can leave out the 70's, especially with how big pieces like flares have gotten once again! Not only is this top incredibly comfortable but it has so much detail to it. It's a piece you can wear so basic but it does all the talking for you. I love lace, a firm rule for me is if its black, white or lacy I will absolutely love it. To run with that 70's style I paired it with a denim skirt, a subtle under layer for a lovely top! 

The Dress.
I should title this piece 'the goth' really because it shows off my personal style so well. I found this killer Wednesday Addams inspired dress on the internet a few months ago but still I wear it so much, it's perfect for the subtle Wednesday inspired outfit because it's lacy and short in a stylish way. I love how it comes in at the waist, meaning it could be easily dressed up. Channeling my inner goth really makes me comfortable. 

I hope you liked this mixture of outfits, what are your current favourite pieces and outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

Over the next week I will be showing this outfits in more depth