7 May 2016

I am incredible excited to write this post, one: because it was such an awesome opportunity and two: it's a subject that I love. The Body Shop York branch so kindly invited me to their "Summer Lovin' " event in which we looked at new products such as the power of light range, had facials, drank Prosecco, make overs and received hand massages! The body shop is a brand that I've loved for a long time, I've always body butters in the house and their gift sets have always been a go to when buying gifts for Christmas. I was ecstatic to attend the event because I was eager to see what new skin care they have, this time of year really brings it out in me as I want my skin to look its best for the less makeup more sunshine season! 

On arrival we were greeted by the awesome York branch team and picked up a glass of Prosecco, entering a prize draw to win the new range and had a little look around whilst chatting away to everyone. It gave us the perfect time to look around the store! I was excited to see that the power of light selection of products wasn't alone, there was a number of new ranges such as Vitamin E, Oils of Life, Drops of Youth, British Rose and Pina Colada. Each not only had beautiful packaging, smelt amazing but all promised a cool and refreshing result perfect for these summer months. 

As the event started the team offered us blogger folk facials! After looking at the products involved I was eager to volunteer, to be honest this being my first facial which was quite exciting! I was entranced in how good it felt to have my skin taken care of, my facial done by the fantastic Abbie! First to remove the makeup she used the Camomile cleanser that removed even waterproof makeup, the silky texture leaving my face feeling so refreshed to even start with. Like coconut butter it melts away makeup rather than harshly removing them like wipes do. Next as a second cleanser Aloe calming facial cleanser (which is a bargain at only £10) to sooth my face, this having no scent and felt so soft. You can also use this product to remove makeup, but as the facial went on the team told us that a rule of thumb should always be to use two cleansers and then a good moisturizer always! my face very much likes that rule, I felt amazing at the end of it, my skin hadn't felt that refreshed in such a long time. They also used an oil and then moisturizer but by this point I was fully relaxed, in my own world until I popped out of the chair and headed to the makeup station for a make over! 

In the past I have never thought to look at The Body Shop's makeup range and now I feel the fool! There is such a wide to choose from. What I loved most about having my makeup done was finding out more about my skin, I have combination skin with a yellow tint so to see what products someone recommended really had me interested! Starting with the new Fresh Nude Foundation my shade was Bora Bora Tiare, which contains rose water to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed even with makeup on! I felt like I had nothing on my skin but had such a good coverage which hid my blemishes. I only do a small amount of contouring, the concealer matching my foundation perfectly and the shimmer bronzer balls were the perfect touch! I never use shimmery products but it was such a pleasant surprise, it really defined my face. The foundation gave me a dewy look which I always want, so to brighten up my face we went with a coral lip pencil and lipstick! 
With having the facial and then my makeup done, my face still felt so refreshed! I had a little colour on my cheeks and till taking it off that night I honestly felt like I had nothing on my face. 

Look at how many shades they have!!

Wandering around the stations really allowed me to get to know The Body Shop more and the amazing skin care products. I smelt every body butter, lingered around the Grape fruit and British Rose section a little too long and just had to pop the Grape fruit body butter in my basket. As it was a blogging event we received 30% off whatever we purchased that evening and I just had to get the cleansers that were used in the facial and I also opted for a night cream to test it out! 

We did receive some samples in a goodie bag but most products mentioned in this post I did purchase and *Disclaimer* all opinions are my own. I had a lovely evening at The body shop and I want to think the York team for inviting me! I hope you liked this little peek into the store guys