17 Jun 2016

Hello lovelies! When scheduling this post it dawned on me that it was also the week of Fathers day, so just to show how much I appreciate both of my parents here is a post featuring my lovely my mum and on Sunday you will have a post featuring my Dad! How nice! With living away in York it becomes a struggle to see my family regularly, so my Mum decided to make it a every odd week thing to pop up to see me so we could spend some quality time together. We ran some errands, did a little shopping and when it came for food, we decided against a cozy little cafe because we wanted some real grub! My mum will try anything and with Turtle Bay having two for one cocktails, we couldn't of walked there quick enough.

The restaurant itself blows my mind every time I visit Turtle Bay, I love how you feel as if you're in a Jamaica, tin rough, hanging lights scattered around the building! The paintings on the wall give the place that Urban/Reggie touch which is perfect, my mum thought the whole idea of Caribbean themed food was genius. We jumped straight onto the cocktails and as there was such a large selection we first went with a classic Strawberry Daiquiri. 

We did get two starter dishes to share, but both the chicken wings and ribs were that spicy I could barely breathe without needing to choke first. My god! I've ever done well with spicy food and they definitely had a kick, looking at the rest of the starter options I'd say most will be quite heated! 

Keeping things quite simple we both went for dishes which had some good meat and sweat potato fries! I went for the half chicken with chutney, there being a little tang of spice which after our starts killed me off. Their food holds so much flavor which I do appreciate and there's plenty of food. My mum went with pulled pork which wasn't so much pulled but was incredibly tasty! Turtle Bays slaw is to die for. 

I cannot for the life of me remember what these cocktails were called but they tasted so much of Banana despite looking as if they contain oranges! They had a couple of rums in them so if you have a better cocktail knowledge then I do, please educate me!

Over all myself and my Mum left incredibly full and happy with the cocktails we drank! 

Just a really quick posts as to be honest our trip was a really quick one, I love having my mum come up to York because we end up exploring the entire city! Have you ever been to Turtle Bay?