Jewellery Review: Empty Casket

30 Jun 2016

It's been such a long time since I featured a jewellery review on my blog so I'm happy to be now sharing one of my favourite jewellery brands with you! Empty Casket sell quite witchy/90's grunge jewellery, which of course is right up my street! Most of their pieces are sterling silver, keeping on top of the trends to offer boho style pieces, moon stones, crystal pendant necklaces and so many styles of chokers you could possibly want. They also now sell home ware and a variety of crystals, very high fashion meets new age! 

Up first is the Desert Moon Bohemian Choker* and for only £15 it is perfect!! When coming across this piece online I really expected it to be more pricey as it looks like there is so much to it, the quality looking really high (which I can confirm from holding it in my hands) and I honestly couldn't get it out of my mind. Not only are the upward facing crescent moons decorated really beautifully, but they feature Turquoise stone which I think is quite unique. I don't have any other jewellery that is Turquoise, so I can't wait to style it with an outfit! I think it's really helpful seeing photographs of the pieces being worn too, just so you can see how it fits! 

I also went for the Hunters Moon Necklace* which I think is absolutely beautiful, dainty and another crescent moon! Can you see that I like my moons? I think this is a piece that looks perfect in silver, reminding me of when the moon is reflecting in water! It has that inky silver tone to it, which I think would look amazing with a little low front cut dress with spaghetti straps! I know, that was dead specific. At only £12 I think Empty Casket is so affordable for the amazing quality you get, front wearing this piece just once I can tell it will last. 

I love all the rings on the store, especially the selection of moon stones they sell, so I picked out this Sterling Silver, Pink Rainbow Moonstone Sun & Moon Ring*. It's unlike anything I've seen before, which I can say on alot of the products found on Empty Casket! For £18 you're getting such a good quality ring which has a high polish and oxidized finish! I love the detail around the moon stone which is the sun beams. I feel that with all the pieces of jewellery there's always that extra detail, this touch of quality for me making Empty Casket such a relying brand for good jewellery!

Have you ordered anything from Empty Casket? What are your favourite bits? 

Thankyou so much Empty Casket for sending me such beautiful pieces! 

Until my next post guys, 

*Disclaimer: I was sent these items for free by the brand, all thoughts, opinions are my own and truthful :)