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25 Jun 2016

Hello guys, hope you're all having a wonderful day! For years now I've been a massive bugga' for buying home decor and it all started when I first moved to university! I was excited to have my own place even if it was just student digs, but I had all the nice vintage items (including a tea cup lamp which I need back in my life) to make me feel a little more adulty and to make the place feel like my own. I love shopping for home decor and over the years I have managed to build up quite the collection, so I thought I would share with you my favourite bits that have stayed with me!
As my time at university came to an end, my boyfriend and I decided it was time to move in together! Instead of looking for somewhere new straight away we decided I would just move in with him so we could casually look and after finally getting all my stuff to his, buying new decor, etc, I'm happy with how our home looks! There is so much features I would change (like the awful wall paper that's in both the living room and bedroom) but with us only renting the landlords would definitely cut off our heads! So working with our cute little flat, here is my favourite bits of decor we have dotted around the house!

Popdolls! So these were both gift from two of my favourite people, Joel bought me the dancing Groot for Christmas all because I cried once over never being able to find this little guy! It meant so much to finally have him as he's a character from one of my latest favourite Marvel films. My brother bought me the other, two points to anyone who guessed it was Tate from American Horror Story without needing to read this :)))))

Alot of the decor in our flat are cute little gifts from me or Joel, OR 'couple' items such as photos of us both together, his and him things! These two Dinosaurs were items I bought from the natural history museum when I went on a trip to London without Joel, I missed him so much I bought him is favourite Dinosaur! The teddy is mine as I wanted my favourite too but in Teddy form!

Artwork! With me being an artist I do love my artwork, so there are a number of prints around the house which I love! If we could nail things to the wall I would love to have a full wall of my favourite prints like in a tattoo parlor, but instead I have these cute frames in each room. This is one of my favourite pieces by a tattoo artist called Daryl Watson.

This is of course my side of the bed table! I have my favourite lady Wednesday Addams and candles I refuse to light as they're just too nice to look at!

At each place I've lived at I've always had Polaroids stuck to the wall or hanging like this, so to continue the tradition I got my favourite snaps of me and Joel and created this hanging line to go across our living room mirror! I love each photo, they span from me and Joel just getting together, our holidays and our favourite date food!  

I feel like Joel is always adding his own touches, all of the decor on this table is mine but the Nuts are his!

I bought this skull for Joels birthday in mind that it would look awesome in our livingroom and when he spotted it in the shops, he really loved the look  of it! It was a surprise as we were just going to go out for food, but I knew it would be a nice gift as he loves his sugar skulls.

I hope you liked seeing my favourite decor bits around our home, I wanted to add little snippets to let you know why we have some of the decor but most items speak for themselves! If you have any questions of where we got any of the pieces feel free to leave me any comments!

Until next time guys,