OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Absolutely gothic, a little bit pin up

20 Jun 2016

So this look isn't anything fancy, it's that casual I could compare it to pj's for the level of comfort putting it together gave me. I feel like just recently with the sun blessing us with it's presence, I went into a full style self reflection crisis and just didn't feel like myself at all. I know that kind of sounds stupid, but does anyone just go through those periods of hating every piece of clothing, how your hair falls, how your face looks? Apart from the new pieces I've purchased lately I look in my wardrobe and think 'I have nothing' so when it's nice and sunny, black isn't an option and that leaves me with little options. I feel comfortable wearing black, I always have since I was about sixteen and that is my style! Luckily I found it early on and absolutely love to look gothic, a 'dark vintage' was how a random gentleman put it the other day at work. Of course I appreciate other styles, I've tried to pair things together which are a little 1970s/60s with it being huge at the moment, but I will always retreat back to my black clothing. 
I haven't felt like myself at all recently so I decided to treat myself, I dyed my hair jet black again and bought a few little black things. 

The weather has returned to that constant dull shade but with a touch of humidity, meaning with a light jacket and no tights I was dressed appropriately! I go through phases of loving pencil skirts, surprisingly for a short person my lower half is very curvy so I think this skirt helps me out a lot to show that off. This particular day I just was feeling off, but getting ready perked me up because it was just one of those days sent by the Gods where EVERYTHING works out perfectly. My hair fell into this wave which I really like so I curled the ends a tad, my makeup also going exactly how I wanted it to with a casual smoky eye. Everythings looking up Milhouse!

I ordered a pair of creepers which came today as they are my favourite shoe, everything they break (I don't know how I do it) I try to tell myself other shoes are just as nice, but I'm lying. I need a constant restock of creepers, this pair having extra height to the platform so I feel a little like Frankenstein. I can see my Mum shaking her head now because I am probably the only person to think it's cool that my shoes make me feel like a classic horror monster. Anyway, when they arrived this morning I almost created my outfit around them, going for a complete gothic combination but keeping it comfy. Leaving the house gave me anxiety enough I didn't want to also have to deal with a belt that was on tight or trousers that rubbed me up the wrong way. I also got a new velvet necklace through the post which is all I see on instagram lately, so I thought i'd join the hype! I love choker style jewellery so it's nothing unusual for me to have.


It was an absolute confidence booster to wear something that I was so darn comfortable in and feel really good about myself! I think playing around with your style is so fun but at times you just need your good old comforts. Whats your favourite comfortable item?  Feel more than welcome to leave me comments below, I love reading them and having a chat!

Thankyou so much, until next time,