Popcorn done properly | Tasty treats by Propercorn! #FlavourDoneProperly #InstituteofFlavour

13 Jun 2016

Hello lovely people! Hope you're all having a productive Monday, I am incredibly excited to share this post with you as it features one of my favourite popcorn brands Propercorn! They so kindly sent me a huge stash of their popcorn to introduce me to their latest campaign the Institute of Flavour and with popcorn being my ultimate snack I pretty much died and went to heaven. Yes I admit my fan girling ways. 

The Institute of Flavour is a project launching on the 16th of June, which focuses on taste and the exciting experimental process in which Propercorn create their unique flavours! When it comes to popcorn I've always been stuck in my ways, only really eating sweet popcorn, sometimes toffee, but when it comes to Propercorn I was more than eager to try new flavours! The idea of their new campaign is to educate the masses, share with people what it takes to create flavours the Propercorn way. 

Not only is the packaging of each flavour popcorn absolutely beautiful with their illustrated designs (as an illustrator I appreciate the quality so much) but they really do stand out on the shelf with how colourful they are! They make you want to dive straight into the exciting, different flavours that Propercorn have to offer. Unfortunately I have a Peanut intolerance so I couldn't try the Smooth Peanut & Almond, but with five other popcorns to try I wasn't disappointed in the slightest!

Sour Cream & Black Pepper | Out of the number of amazing flavours I was sent this has to be my favourite, each bite almost having that soothing taste that sour cream has! Slightly sprinkled with black pepper, I found I was able to literally snack on these all day because of how easy they were to enjoy. I am the worlds biggest snacker, so to find a new flavour of popcorn which is more to the savory side is fantastic!

Sea Salted | I always thought I wasn't a fan of salted popcorn, but giving this flavour a try I found that it was surprisingly pleasant! They weren't overly salty at all and I wouldn't say they were too bland either which I have thought with other salty popcorns!

Sweet & Salty | I buy this popcorn flavour every time I pop into the supermarket, so to have a giant stash of them now (thankyou so much Propercorn) makes me an incredibly happy bunny! I can't tell if each corn is coated with sweet and salty or if each corn is one or the other, mixed in the bag to create this amazing mixture of both!??

Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato | The moment I opened the box of popcorn goodies I was intrigued by this flavour, Propercorn hitting this one right on the nail! It's an interesting flavour, the hint of the tomato being there with that small kick of the Worcester sauce! I'm not into spice but the kick doesn't burn, it's so pleasant to eat, especially when I was expecting a firey hot flavour.

Sweet Coconut & Vanilla | I'm not a huge fan of the texture of this popcorn as it's almost dusty (I'm assuming it's from the coconut) but I loved the taste! You can barely taste the coconut it's the vanilla that really comes through, kind of like a vanilla rum cocktail if you love them summer cocktails. The taste really fits in well with the packaging!

I've been so excited to show you guys this amazing box of popcorn heaven, I wanted to haul it straight away! If you're interested yourself in grabbing a collection of popcorn, check out this full collection box for only £18! I pretty much eat Propercorn each time I visit the cinema or stay in to watch a film, so I'll be doing another Propercorn themed post on my favourite movies of all time to snuggle up and eat popcorn to! 

What do you think to these flavours? Definitely check out instituteofflavour.com and book your tickets to go create the best flavours done right with Propercorn!