Rich Remy Hair Extensions

27 Jun 2016

I've been incredibly excited to share with you all my new hair extensions since I feel like it is a form of beauty content that has been really popular on my blog since my hair nightmare last year! For anyone who hasn't followed my blog that long, last year I had the most glorious pink hair (I loved it so much) but after an incident with too much bleach my hair snapped off, so I went back to black and jumped on the hair extension wagon! I created a video on how I felt about having Micro ring extensions for the first time and now it's been nearly a year of having them, it was time for another purchase of hair.

I want to introduce you to the hair brand Rich Remy
, who provide top quality 10 A grade hair extensions! 150 grams of hair, I have to say not only are they thick, but at 24 inch length I love them! Thanks to my lovely hairdresser who also is the creator of Rich Remy, my locks are perfectly blended to give a natural appearance. They're Indian Remy and are at the top of the A grade hair quality system!

I thought it would be useful to show you my natural hair without the hair extensions, the choppy layers all finally growing out to frame my face. I left it unstyled because I was getting the new extensions installed and cut.

The hair extensions are installed with micro rings, a point I love because it means my natural hair isn't being damaged in any shape or form. With my hair not being in top quality last year this was the best decision I made to let it grow and now I am getting hair extensions for appearance value, I'm so happy they're the better quality!   

This is how the hair extensions fall naturally when left to air dry then with a touch of the hair dryer! For someone like me who can be too busy to style my hair everyday they are perfect AND they retain curls all day and even the next! 

It's such a huge confidence booster to have lovely long locks, so if you've been considering getting extensions for a while I say do it! It'll make you feel 10 times better, I know we should all have our inner confidence to love ourselves naturally but a little hair boost doesn't hurt anyone ;) Definitely check out Rich Remy Hair.

I also have a video up on my channel with a little more depth on my extensions!

How do you find your extensions?

Thankyou for reading, until next time!