12 Jun 2016

1. Thursday was the best day of the week for me, I played around with my new Nyx makeup, filmed three videos which I'm incredibly happy with AND went out in the sunshine to see friends. I love having the sunshine out finally but when you like to wear all black like myself, it becomes a sticky hot mess. I got to wear my favourite 'Wednesday Addams' dress. // 2. One of the videos I uploaded this week was a gigantic Nyx cosmetic haul, along with a blog post too which is below if you want to browse more of my blog! // 3. The one day I planned to do an outfit shoot the sun didn't come out and we thought it was definitely going to rain, but my boyfriend being the most awesome person ever made the photographs work! // 4. I uploaded the outfit of the day post on heartshapedbones and it went down a treat! // 5. This is the most exciting news I was able to announce this week, Propercorn got in touch to work with me and sent me a box full of amazing snacks! Best surprise package ever. // 6. To treat myself I used the guardian of the forest bath bomb from Lush! Smells super earthy // 7. I've been working on this moon phase mandala idea for some time and finally it is ready for editing! // 8. I had a super emotional weekend start so it was nice to get myself sorted and package up all my recent orders on bigcartel! I am so thankful to everyone who has ordered this week! // 9. Little surprise snap, I plan to upload a 'how I store my lush products' post this week so keep your peepers peeled! 

I feel this week my brain has been over working double time to a point where it completely burnt out this weekend! It's such a strange feeling to have so many ideas, be creating awesome content but then realizing you're getting zero sleep and working your arse off without breaking. So keeping this in mind I'm going to be figuring out my working plan so I can balance blogging and life stuff better woo. 

What have you done this week?