15 Jul 2016

Despite that this product purchase could create some sort of controversy in my comment section, I am utterly thrilled to have FINALLY placed my order for some Lime Crime makeup. I want to say straight off the bat that I have done my research into Lime Crime and what has been going on for years, all the unfortunate happenings and horror stories of their customer service! In all honesty this is what has stopped me from purchasing for a good two years, I was scared to even dare give them my details and I didn't want people to slander any of my photographs of me wearing the products, like I have seen so many times on other peoples social medias! I can't believe I actually didn't try out a brand just because I was worried of what people thought of me, but sitting myself down and watching countless bloggers, youtubers and even friends review their Lime Crime products, I thought maybe it was finally time for me to try them out.

So of course I bought the Venus Grunge Palette, how could I not! With the style of makeup I love (soft grunge, hard grunge, all the grunge. GRUNGE!) the Venus Palette has been all I see from watching beauty bloggers on youtube and tutorials on how to get that perfect grunge look. Even with other styles of eye makeup, vlogger whip out their Venus Palette and great the most beautiful, very pigmented looks that I am utterly jealous of. Experimenting with palettes I current have I never got the result I wanted, so I jumped onto the Lime Crime website and ordered me up this palette! 

I honestly don't think I can fault it, £23 is not expensive at all and these shades are so incredibly pigmented I'm only having to lightly dab them onto my brush. The Venus Palette is described as an absolute game changer, being a nude palette with soft glowing pinks and creams to rustic reds. The palette as a whole is so visually appealing, you get these shades which look fabulous together, standing out with it's 'kitschy' artwork. I mean just look at the cover, if that doesn't make you want to throw your pennies at it I don't know what will!

I think what I love most about this palette is the fact that the colours in the palette are exactly what you put on your eye. The pigment is perfection and it doesn't dim over time! These are the shades exactly: VENUS: The color of bruised fruit AKA 'marsala' (velvet matte) SHELL: Opalescent shell-pink (glow) AURA: Pearlescent ivory (glow) CREATION: Rust brown (matte) ICON: Dark brown (matte) REBIRTH: The color of an over-ripe nectarine (matte) DIVINE: Dusty stone (matte) MUSE: Deep burgundy red (matte).

I was just going to leave my order at that but after looking into the shades of the velvetine liquid lipstick's I HAD to purchase one. I've always wanted Cashmere and recently I love the look of Marshmellow, but I went with Buffy as you can't go wrong with a nude brown! Cashmere would of looked perfect back when I had pink hair as I always wore lipsticks with a hint of purple, now I think it would make me look dead. I've heard good and bad things about the velvetines so I just wanted one to test out what it would be like, and of course it hasn't disappointed! 

Not only is the packaging beautiful with the lipstick coming in a box decorated with roses, but the product itself is an absolute bargain for it's money. at £15, which can be considered pricey for a lipstick, you get so much product in your tube that it's absolutely worth every penny. I have a couple of nude shapes but this is the first with more of a brown pigment and I really like it on myself! It applies so creamy and when drying to matte it doesn't have that weird chalky texture some matte liquids have! I've had it on whilst eating and it hasn't budged even a little (I've even accidentally fallen asleep with it on and it was still all there in the morning).  

I'm so happy I finally made a purchase to Lime Crime and I doubt it will be my last, what I want to finish this post off with is by saying if you want to buy something then buy it. If its an unpopular brand on social media, who cares. If you like them, if you have no bad personal experience then go try them out! With Lime Crime I know they have done alot of people over but I can only go by my own personal experiences which has proven to not be bad. 

I'll ask please do not leave any negative comments, if you do not agree with Lime Crime I am sorry you had to read a post on someone disagreeing with you.

In saying that I hope you have liked this post,
Until next time guys!