My Favourite Sunday Chill Films

24 Jul 2016

Hope every ones having a lovely Sunday! I don't know about you guys but I swear when the weather is humid all I want to do is nap, so of course to get myself all cozy I love to settle down with a really easy to watch film! Chill films, and what I mean by this is those types of films that don't require a lot of thinking, you can smile, chuckle or cry whilst being snuggled up in your blanket! I love those types of Sundays, I work 6am-3pm both Saturday and Sunday each week so the moment I get home I don't want to do anything but cuddle up on the sofa. I purposely revolve my schedule round this day (I am not joking) I do the cleaning on a Friday so on Saturday  I can get all of my blog posts scheduled for the following week, and on the Sunday I can be lazy without worrying about my work load! Ah, adult life. As I plan to do nothing but watch films this Sunday I thought I would share with you some of my current favourite easy watchers to chill out to!  

2003 - Tim Burton - Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

I say this is one of my favourite films to chill out and watch, but honestly I could probably watch it at any point in life and still love it as if I was watching for the first time. There's something magic about the story being narrated, an old men on his death bed telling his life stories to his Sons wife. Like my own Dad these stories are so far fetched but you want them to be real, the lead man Ewan McGregor playing out an extraordinary life of adventure, love and friendship. It's of course in true Tim Burton style which makes it a favourite film all together for me, it has another world quality that keeps you in a trance till the very end. You become so attached to the old man narrating the story AND there is a cheeky feature of Miley Cyrus as a child star actress.    

2014 - Robert Stromberg - Adventure, Family, Action

Another magical film and this is the fantastic twist on the Disney's classic sleeping beauty! It focuses on the life of a fairy named Maleficent, showing how she grows and protects the moors, until shes betrayed by love and seeks revenge! Funnily I was never a fan of Sleeping Beauty, but Maleficent has everything; adventure, magic, love, a great soundtrack and beautiful cinematic effects! I mean we have our beloved Angelina Jolie as our evil leading lady, what more do you need from a Disney film! There is a huge twist to the film which sets it apart from the original Sleeping beauty, but I won't say no more as you should definitely give it a watch!   

2012 - Stephen Chbosky - Drama, Romance

Logan Lerman's portrayal of the character Charlie is utterly sweet, him first appearing as introvert freshman until his character develops and reveals such a dark depth. There is so much to this film, Charlie meeting a bunch of misfit seniors, finally having friendship, falling in love and probably one of the first films I have seen of a teenager dealing with mental health issues. Perks of being wallflower flower is also a book, so I knew a lot of details to the characters which you do not pick up towards the end of the film, especially with Charlie. I think what I love most about this film is not only the cheeky feature of The Rocky Horror Picture Show but there is such an inspiring narrated scene at the very end of the movie. There's such a truth to this film of how teenagers feel and what it's life to experience high school as someone who doesn't fit in. It's not so much about the Romance for me but I just want Charlie to win at life.

2014 - Justin Reardon - Comedy, Romance

I'm such a sucker for Romcoms but I tend to watch classics from the 90's like Clueless or How to lose a guy in 10 days, so I'm happy to introduce 'play it cool' which I am deeming good enough for my Sunday chill films list! There is a number of famous faces such as Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Aubrey Plaza, Evans playing a writer who cannot seem to find love or the inspiration to write a romcom. He doesn't want to write a romcom because they suck, but when meeting the girl of his dreams (Monghan) who he can't have, he'll do anything. Its very different from the simple girl meets boy romcoms I've seen which I think is why I love it, there being some hilarious narrative scenes of Evans taking on different characters and one boat scene that will have you feeling so content. 

2010 - Richard Ayoade - Comedy, Drama, Romance

If you love a little British humor you will find this film incredible, Submarine being about the life of a boy named Oliver Tate. Oliver is an ordinary 15 year old boy but at the same time is completely unusual, his two objectives being to one: lose his virginity to his one true love Jordana, and to spark his parents love again by keeping his Mother away from her ex lover who has moved in next door. You will never meet anyone like Oliver Tate. If I can't convince you enough not only is this film a beautiful documentary of a teenage boy but the soundtrack is written and sung by Alex Turner! It's as if this film was made just for beautiful footage to Turners beautiful music aah. I love to relax and watch this movie but at the same time it keeps me in stitches at Craig Robert's (Oliver) witty humor. 

1993 - Tony Scott/Quentin Tarantino - Action, Drama, Crime

Last but not least, True Romance is by far my ultimate favourite film of all time, so of course it's also one of my favourites to relax and watch. The title can be miss leading as yes the film is about a romance, but there is so much more to the film like drugs, guns, crime, pimps and a small feature from Brad Pitt oo. Even with this film being filled with action it's still great to chill out with because it's either a good old classic or something new, the romance almost seeming like a fantasy as it does seem perfect. The two main characters (Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette) will literally do anything for each other all though they have only just met, fighting pimps, nearly dying and that to me seems like some good loving. 

From writing out this post I've found I love a film with a good narrative!  Have you seen any of these films? What are your favourite chill films you reach for on a Sunday? Let me know!

I hope you liked this post guys, I LOVE to write about my favourite films!
Until next time,