My July 2016 Goals!

1 Jul 2016

Ok, so this post is completely inspired by Gemma, the amazing creator over at Dork Face which you all need to definitely pay a visit to. She asked her following on twitter 'What is everyone's July goals?' which got me thinking, what are my July goals? I always round up each Month with a monthly favourite video on my youtube channel or post showing my favourite things, but for once I thought it would be a good idea to make a post showing what I want in the future, rather than what I've thought of the past. I mean I do love showing my monthly favourites, but I think this idea could be promising to set myself some goals! 

I'm going to set myself 6 because I love to make lists and even numbers. I don't think thats too high of a number and it stops me from over working myself, so here are my goals for July: 

1. Reach 7,000 Instagram Followers - I feel like I've been hovering around 6,600 for ages now to a point where I want 7,000 so bad. I've never been number crazy before when it comes to my followers but with the more I get involved with social media being my job, I can't not notice anymore. Obviously the more followers the more my content is being viewed, simples. I normally post on Instagram just my artwork and Jgdrawings business, but I really want to blog full time so thats taking over my content priority. 

2. Buy soft light boxes - I've been really wanting to buy a pair of soft box lights for so long now and finally I'm going to do it! I've finally gone full time in my day job as you know I'm adulting now I've finished university, but when my bonus hits next month it's the first thing I'm going to get! I find the light in winter sucks, the light in summer sucks, it's either too grey or the sun ruins my shots! I cannot rely on nature light anymore so I raise my glass to soft box lighting. 

3. Attract more people to my Bloglovin - There is definitely a secret to Bloglovin that I just can't crack, as for me I never seem to gain followers. I do advertise my bloglovin everywhere, my twitter, blog, channel but I only get the odd visitor. I'm unsure whether people even read my blog through that platform or just find Heartshapedbones on their own, or through my social medias hmm. I want to work on this in July, get more of an audience over to my bloglovin. 

4. Tweet scheduling - After a blogger chat with The Girl Gang over on twitter on Monday, I really got a new insight into scheduling tweets and I want to try it out for myself in July. I always assumed throwing too much content on my twitter would scare my followers away or annoy them, but actually other bloggers say it increases their following! Thinking about it, I bet my followers follow loads of blogs, so it would not just be me my tweets all over their dashboard.

5. Be more organised on scheduling blog posts - I've been doing so well this month with scheduling my blog posts and I want to keep it up! I've decided to spend my Weekends/Mondays taking all my photographs and writing all my posts for either the week or two weeks ahead. I think that's a good time period to schedule for! Mondays too will be the day I film my youtube videos, so that through out the week I can edit those too! 

6. Get better at taking photographs on a tripod - So I absolutely love it when my boyfriend helps me with shooting and takes the photographs for me, but he's not around all the time so I have to use a tripod. At my old house the lighting in the garden was AMAZING, so I never had this problem I face now. Our garden has a brick wall but its covered by trees, therefore making my photos dark and quite...blurred. I need to work on it, probably by getting a new tripod and a new lens. I want to work more on it in July!

I feel that physically writing out my goals which help me so much to achieve them! I can revisit this post and I think it will be interesting to see what my new goals will be for August!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your goals for July? Blogging or general life goals?

Until next time guys,