Outfit Of The Day: Into The Woods! FEAT ZARA & ROSEGAL

25 Jul 2016

Back again with another outfit of the day and I'm excited about this one because I'm styling one of my favourite pieces and that's THE jacket from Zara that is trending so hard right now. After seeing the jacket in mustard blow up absolutely everywhere on the internet, I knew I needed one of Zara's faux leather jackets from their range, available in a number of colours which all looked awesome! I'm a mustard kind of gal, but when I stepped into the store to look at the jackets I couldn't resist trying on the blue and I loved it more. I think if I was to buy the mustard jacket I'd only wear it with black skinny jeans, where as I thought the blue jacket would go with so many other pieces of clothing that I already have! An example being this white dress from Rosegal* which I think really compliments the jacket. Don't get me wrong I still really want the mustard version, but I knew I will be able to dress the blue with so many thinks where the mustard would only come out on special occasions. As for the pink...I really don't think that one is my style. 


 I'm currently staying at my parents house to see family and with the weather being absolutely lovely, my sister and I decided to take a little walk! She took some great snaps of my outfit and we also filmed my first outfit lookbook for my youtube channel, which is exciting to edit! It's so strange to be somewhere familiar to me for years but the forest has changed so much, paths that were once there aren't any more, there's pea pods growing in the fields which haven't before and it was pretty calming to just take a walk. No busy city that I'm used to, no phones or glare from my laptop. Just a nice walk to relax like the good old days when I lived with my parents before university happened. I do miss living out in the country with the woods as  playground, but York is my home now.

Rosegal* kindly sent me this beautiful little day dress to share with you guys and because the weather in England has been so beautiful I've been wearing it everywhere. My boyfriend and I have had lovely works around York and this outfit has kept me incredibly cool, the open back decorated with lace being my favourite feature! I don't have anything like this which makes it so unique, the lace detail running round the hems and along the front, having a little Boho styling. I tan so well in summer so I always want pieces of clothing that have little sleeves rather than none, these being a sheer material so you can see my shoulder tattoo which is fab! 

I also have another post on RoseGal which you can find here. Have you ever ordered from Rosegal? There website is super easy to order and their prices are incredibly affordable! 

Until next time guys, 

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